Two New Santos-Dumont XL Models And They Are Limited Again!

Since the new releases of the steel Santos-Dumont in XL size, with a Piaget movement, the watch has come to be of enormous interest. Last year Cartier also launched some limited editions in gold and platinum in addition to the steel version, see this article, but the crown on that collection was the limited edition to 30 pieces platinum version, the ‘Santos Demoiselles’, which was made with a dial that has a Panama weave with a strap in the same motive. Despite the very high price of this watch, this edition sold out quite quickly.  

For those who could not get hold of the ‘Demoiselles’, La Maison now announced two new limited editions, that do not have special names anymore like the previous editions but are almost as stunning looking.

– Santos-Dumont XL in platinum with ice-blue dial and the steel version with copper dial –

Made in the beloved material Platina and now with an ice-blue dial and ruby in the crown, this model will probably be very successful. In addition to the color of the dial, it is also the applied Arabic numerals that make the dial so different from all previous models. Cartier does not often use Arabic numerals, but it is always a surprise to see how good it looks.

– The box-set with cufflinks –

As with the ‘Santos-Dumont Demoiselles’ this edition, that’s limited to 100pc. is also released in a special lacquered wood box, palladium finish decor and details, grey Alcantara®* interior and this set also includes a pair of white gold Santos cuff links. The 430MC caliber, by Piaget has a power reserve of 38 hours and is used by Cartier for years in various models.

In addition to this ice blue version, a twin brother, with a copper dial, has also been announced but now in steel and in a limited edition of 500 pieces. This version is significantly more affordable and is not supplied in the luxury wooden box, but in the familiar red Cartier box. 

– Santos-Dumont XL in steel, limited to 500 pc. –

But when I put both models next to each other and take a good look at them, I honestly wouldn’t know which one I like better. This version of the XL Santos-Dumont has the same 430MC caliber and the same kind of dial, but now in copper/salmon with a bezel in pink gold. An amazing and very attractive combination.

– Engraved backs and individual numbering for the platinum model –

Both models have a nice engraving of an Alberto Santos-Dumont’s flying machine. I say it over and over again; when Cartier makes a watch in the entry-level, it doesn’t show. Watches in the lower price lines look often as stunning and as attractive as the more high-end pieces. And this steel Santos-Dumont is again a prime example.

Prices & sizes:

Santos-Dumont XL 46,6 x 33,9mm, steel/gold 500 pc. € 6.960 ex.VAT  (june 2021)
Santos-Dumont XL 46,6 x 33,9mm, platinum 100 pc. € 25.000 ex.VAT (sept. 2021)

3 thoughts on “Two New Santos-Dumont XL Models And They Are Limited Again!

    1. I had the same idea and it looks as good as the platinum version with ice blue dial.
      It is just a matter of taste.

  1. The platinum is called “Monte Carlo”, the other “No. 19”, based on information from internal marketing materials I’ve seen. They even had a photo of the real airship floating in the Monte Carlo bay, and of the Libellule loaded on a car!

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