‘The Gentleman’s Files’ – My Book About Cartier’s Men’s Watches, Is Out Now!

After seven years of writing, taking photographs and meetings with, staff, collectors and connoisseurs, ‘The Gentleman’s Files’, as the book is called, is finally available.

This large, over 330 pages, coffee table book should be seen as an addition to the collection of excellent books about Cartier, already on the market. Most of these great books give an overview of the history of ‘La Maison’, combined with photographs of watches, jewels tiaras and the famous people that wore those items. ‘The ‘Gentleman’s Files’ narrows this down to just men’s watches, highlighting the period between 1985 and 2018.

It was then that Cartier, for the first time, concentrated on a large range of men’s models, from simple time-only models to highly complicated timepieces, often with visually strong ties to their designs from very early years.

The watches described in the ‘Gentleman’s files’ are my personal choice and just a selection of what Cartier released in that period. While form and function were united in harmony by ‘La Maison’ in these creations, it is their unique style that sets them apart from any other brand. To do justice to this, the setup of this book is not chronological or aimed to provide you with every single detail of the watches shown,

but rather to highlight their style in a unique way. It will, therefore, serve as a visual memento to some of the most stylish and tantalizing watch designs ever created.

‘The Gentleman’s Files’, 335 pages, hardbound cover, 28x33cm!

The book can be or HERE

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