When Can You Expect The New Cartier Models In The Store? We Have All The Dates!

This year at the SIHH Cartier launched a very impressive line-up of new men’s models. While some continue already existing lines, others bring old designs back to live in a contemporary way. The best news is that the vast majority of these new models is also relatively affordable. This means that a larger group of people is actually eager for them to hit the stores and resellers. Here is the complete list of all the new models, and when you can expect them.

Santos de Cartier blue dial – Already in store!

The blue dial version of the Santos de Cartier was launched just before SIHH but received a very warm welcome. This is not surprising as blue dials are quite rare among Cartiers and this one also looks stunning, going from a jeans colour in the centre, to deep blue on the sides.

Santos de Cartier Chronograph – April 2019

Of the SIHH line-up, the Santos de Cartier Chronograph is the first one to hit the stores. From April you can get your hands on this unique watch, with its chronograph pushers on each side of the case. We played extensively with them at SIHH and got addicted to the ease with which this system works.

Santos Dumont – May 2019

One month later the Santos Dumont will become available. We were delighted with the way that it sat on the wrist, as well as its size and slimness. The quartz movement makes it a very easy to live with watch but we are still hoping that Cartier will also launch a nice manual wind version as well for the purists.

Santos de Cartier Skeleton – June 2019

The new versions of the Santos de Cartier Skeleton will be available in June and among them, of course, the ‘Noctambule.’ With this watch, Cartier continues its tradition of using an ADLC coating on the case, which makes the Super-Luminova treatment of the Roman Numerals stand out even more in dark or low-light conditions.

Cartier Privé (aka the new Tonneau models) – June and September 2019

The Cartier Privé models are going to be launched in two phases. In June we can already welcome the Skeleton Dual Time in platinum in the boutiques, but for the pink gold version of this watch, as well as the platinum and pink gold version of the time-only Tonneau we need to wait for September. That is still quite some time in the future, but the anticipation of getting your hands on one is part of the fun, and they are most certainly worth the wait!

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