Santos-Dumont 1913; The Best Re-Issue Ever?

Vintage has been popular with a group of collectors for years, but nowadays the search for models from the 80s and 90s has become extremely high. It is not only the models from the famous ‘Collection Privee, Cartier Paris‘ series that are in the spotlight, but also the timepieces from previous years.

One of the most sought-after models at the moment is the platinum Santos-Dumont that was released to celebrate the 90th. anniversary of the Dumont.

– Santos-Dumont 90th. Anniversary –

This small very attractive Santos-Dumont is especially popular for its salmon-colored dial and the sweet Breguet hands, which Cartier also used in the early years. But otherwise, this model is actually identical, in terms of caliber and dimensions, to the Santos-Dumont from the 80s and 90s. These watches were powered with the 021MC mechanical caliber and also appeared in the CPCP collection, in an unlimited series, in yellow gold, and in platinum.

However, a model that is much more unique and also has a greater resemblance to a vintage Santos-Dumont from the early years, is the Santos-Dumont 1913 model.

– Santos-Dumont 1913, CPCP series –

With its slightly thicker and a little smaller case, the watch has a more authentic look. Especially when compared to a vintage Santos-Dumont of 1916. A sweet and absolutely spectacular detail is the faceted glass, something that Cartier rarely makes. In addition, the watch also has the Breguet hands but, what makes the vintage models so unique, the flower rosette in the middle of the dial, close to the word PARIS underneath the name CARTIER, was unfortunately missing. A pity because this neath detail is also something that only the vintage models from the very first years have.

– the faceted glass –

These details became characteristic of the watches that came out in the ‘Collection Privée, Cartier Paris‘ (1998-2008). The Santos-Dumont 1913 was released only in yellow gold, with a 9780MC mechanical caliber, in an edition of 100 pieces, on the occasion of the 100th. anniversary of the Dumont model. However, what did appear in Dr. Crott Auctioneers, about 10 years ago, was a platinum version of the 1913 model. But this was probably the only one ‘La Maison’ had ever produced as a custom order. The one specialty that the 1913 model has, towards the rest of the CPCP series, is the non-adjustable folding buckle, an excellent copy of the vintage deployant buckles. The strap had to be made to measure for each customer.

– Re-edition of the non-adjustable deployant buckle –

On one hand, these Dumont 1913 models still seem to be a sleeper, on the other hand, collectors probably realize what this piece means for ‘Collection Privé, Cartier Paris’ since these watches seldom show up at the well-known auction houses.

The Santos-Dumont as a model has always been produced in small numbers and was never widely available, but that has changed and Cartier now offers a very attractive line of variations in steel, yellow-, white-, pink gold, and platinum and ………….in three very wearable sizes.

– 2020 collection of Santos-Dumont models –

For more information about the current collection, we refer to our article: ‘Voulez Vous Un Santos-Dumont Monsieur? and to the official CARTIER website.

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  1. What a brilliant timepiece, and in 2113 it will still be an appropriate and brilliant timepiece. Exquisite in every way.

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