Troisanneaux; A Change Is In The Air

Ever since its conception, over a decade ago, Troisanneaux has been all about Cartier. While ‘La Maison’ plays a significant role in our passion, we felt that the time is right for a change, because there are more stories to be told. These stories all gravitate around a single topic; the style of a gentleman. It is hard to capture in words what this exactly is, especially in an era where suits worn with sneakers is considered cool, and a logo has more impact on the appreciation of a product then the craftsmanship that went in it. We might be old school, but we feel the need to make a stand for forgotten and underappreciated classics, hidden gems, talented and passionate craftspeople, as well as brands and products we think deserve a touch more limelight.

Therefore as of now, Troisanneaux won’t be exclusively about Cartier but will also feature a carefully curated selection of watches from other brands, both new and vintage. In addition, we will also show you more of our preferred lifestyle and bring you articles about scents, cars, cufflinks, and other items that can make life a bit more pleasant.

Don’t worry, Cartier will still be a very important ingredient of the direction we are now heading in, and we think that when you share our passion for ‘La Maison,’ you also will appreciate the other things we intend to show you.

Welcome to the new Troisanneaux, the return of the gentleman.

George Cramer & Martin Green

7 thoughts on “Troisanneaux; A Change Is In The Air

  1. Bravo!….what a great development. Change is a good thing, and in the hands of Troisanneaux
    it will be great. Wishing you every success. Sending peace and love to all, keep safe everyone.

  2. Dear George and Martin,

    That’s a big change indeed.
    I’m sure that when you start writing about the new brands with as much passion as you did about Cartier, it will eventually become a great addition to Troisanneaux.
    Good luck to you all,

    1. Thank you Paul,
      after all these years it is quite a change, but I am sure Cartier will be the main topic,
      especially during the first year.

  3. Wonderful news. I wouldn’t even call it a change. I’d prefer the word evolution. In the past 10 years gentlemen have been awaken to their senses – not only the traditional 5 senses, but also the mental, the intellectual and the psychological. Men have been conditioned to behave, to shop (most men wouldn’t admit to liking shopping!!!) and to behave in a certain way, so as not to de-masculate themselves. Tom Ford changed that a few decades ago, then Thom Browne, then other pioneers….so I salute the two of you in expanding your range, reaching out to other sensory and sensual objets of desire for us. We are all gentlemen who want the finer things in life.

    1. You said that beautifully, thanks a lot Sang!
      After all there is so much around us, that needs to be mentioned,
      often products that are overseen in the media.

  4. Personally, I’m excited.

    Everything I have read at Troisanneaux has been excellent and rewarding. I have wanted more, and now it seems there will be just that.

    In my personal opinion, there is a need for a more ‘gentlemanly’ take on the finer things in life with a more nuanced eye. I feel this site can perform such a task. I find joy in the details of life, and so look forward to what is to come!

    A Votre Sante.


    1. Thank you for your support Michael,
      I hope we can surprise you during the rest of the year.
      Best regards,

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