SIHH 2018: Cartier’s Tank Cintrée Steals the Show !

With the launch of the new Tank Cintrée, that comes in three different versions, Cartier could not have done their real aficionados a greater favor!To refresh your mind, the slender Tank Cintrée dates back to 1921 and from that time, it has remained the most slim and curved watch in the Cartier collection. It is what makes the Cintrée the dandy watch pure sang. There was, however, a time when there was a demand for a more robust Tank watch. A watch that could easily be worn daily to work, without looking too dressed. This is what made the Cartier team, in 1989, decide to come up with the Tank Américaine, a similar watch, with a wider case but very much inspired by the more exclusive Tank Cintrée.

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