SIHH 2011, Cartier Presents New Fine Watchmaking Models

Was Cartier’s launch for 2010 very impressive? I am amazed to find out that 2011 is even better. At least 10 new models were added to the ‘Collection Haute Horlogerie’ this year plus some great additions in the main stream collection, like the new ‘Calibre de Cartier’ with Steel bracelet plus of course an impressive collection of ladies watches.
Carole Forestier Kasapi’s team of watchmakers, in La Chaud-de-Fond, have changed the entire watch collection enormously, by adding many new IN HOUSE developed movements and incredible innovations.
The Rotonde Astroregulateur is in my opinion, the crown on the collection, or should it be the Calibre Astrotourbillon? Both are Limited Editons, as are quite a few in the new collection, this year. Among the new 2011 models we start to mention:
CALIBRE ASTROTOURBILLON – (Limited Edition of 100 pc.)
Very impressive 47mm timepiece, with that smart 9451MC caliber, that the company took years to develop. The tourbillon movement is now housed in the more masculine ‘Calibre’ case. Remarkable is that Cartier is using NIOBUM titanium again (like the ID ONE) for a high end watch.
The watch was pre announced last month.
CALIBRE GRANDE COMPLICATION – (Limited Edition of 25 pc.)
Caliber 9436 MC, Renaud et Papi movement, manual wound Chronograph Mono Poussoir Tourbillon 8 Days Power Reserve and a 45mm white gold case
In House caliber, white or pink gold case, 45mm
In House caliber 9422 MC
42mm white or pink gold case
ROTONDE ASTRORÉGULATEUR – (Limited Edition of 50 pc.)
Newly developed In House caliber 9800 MC.
This Calibre 9800 MC is a highly original movement that compensates for the effects of gravity on the timing mechanism in vertical positions. The object of four patent applications, this movement is the fruit of five years of development within the Cartier Manufacture, in La Chaud-de-Fonds, where it was designed, developed, produced and assembled.
The Rotonde Astrorégulateur, Grand Complication timepiece testifies to Cartier’s deep-felt commitment to fine watchmaking.
Introduced last year in white gold and now in ADLC coated titanium. Very exiting to feel the light black case, beautiful fit on the wrist and a totally different look than the white gold model. I would, how ever,  love to have seen the model with blued hands.
In House calibre 9611 MC
Case size 38.7×47.4mm
PASHA 8 DAYS TOURBILLON / CHRONO – (Limited Edition of 50 pc.)
The Pasha for the first time in ‘Fine Watch Making’, but in a very limited production.
Caliber 9438 MC, 46mm White gold case
PASHA FLYING TOURBILLON – (Limited Edition of 100 pc.)
I was happy to see a tourbillon in a smaller case and I am sure that the 42mm white gold case will be embraced by quite an audience. In House caliber 9457 MC, manual wound, Geneva Seal
TOURBILLON ET CROCODILE – (Limited Edition of 50 pc.)
New In House calibre 9458 MC
A very feminine Grande Complication watch. Cartier has brought a wonderful dreamlike quality to this artistically beautiful flying tourbillon. The watchmaker has inversed the movement to show the mechanism and its skeletonised bridges, which now form part of the decor. At the heart of this exceptional watch, a diamond crocodile carefully guards the time.
Sculpted in white gold with emerald eyes, the reptile is surrounded by a bed of water lilies
in translucent red and white enamel. The heartbeats of this enchanting jewellery piece are driven by the oscillations of aunique flying tourbillon: the calibre 9458 MC, adorned with the Geneva Seal.
More news about the mainstream collection will follow later, when we have seen them.
This post will be updated, when more news becomes available.

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