Pasha Power; How A New Generation Takes Over

Today, September the 4th. 2020 is the Worldwide launch of the Pasha de Cartier. Under normal circumstances, Cartier would have organized some kind of party somewhere around the world, or in several places; this year however everything is, of course, a bit different due to Covid-19.

We have written a lot about the Pasha model at Troisanneaux, but we don’t want to miss out on this important occasion, to write a few more words, about how the Pasha line evolved.

– One of the first models of the Pasha, this is a 1987 model with grid –

When the 18K yellow gold Pasha, in its then 38mm bold case, was released in 1985, it was quite a step for’ La Maison’, since, at that time, all models in the collection were much smaller. Even at the competition, the trend for watches was much smaller than today. 

– Press clips from 1985 –

Cartier claims that the model dates back to 1943 with its powerful lines, grid, Arabic numerals, crown cover, and clous carré and that the model was designed for the Pasha of Marrakesh, a lover of fine watchmaking and lifelong customer of Louis Cartier. According to ‘La Maison’ it was this model that became the inspiration for the Pasha watch over forty years later.

We have written in length about the history of the Pasha watch and how we think the model came to life in 1985, in our article: ‘The Facts You Need To Know About The Legendary Pasha de Cartier’, that you can find HERE.

– Clips from the ’80 –

Interestingly was, that at first, the Pasha was introduced as the new men’s watch, but at that same time, trendy ladies in Milan were already seen, wearing the Rolex Submariners of their husbands. So it did not take long before a new trend was set.

– Press clips from the 80′ –

Women were stealing it from men for the power it exudes. It even appeared on the covers of women’s magazines. Ultra-contemporary and ultra-visible. The Pasha had become the standout watch of popular fashion editors and stylists. That’s why the ‘Pasha de Cartier‘ has been an iconic watch since its creation. For this reason, it has inspired the brand to design a host of variations during the last 25 years: 

– 1995 The first Pasha de Cartier in steel –

1995 Ten years after the original release, the first 38 mm Pasha was introduced in a steel case, as well as a series of different models including a Chronograph and GMT model. This successful steel series was soon followed by the 34mm more affordable Pasha-C series that was launched on a steel bracelet.

2005 The Twentieth birthday of the Pasha was important and was celebrated with a larger 42mm model, but now without a date window and diving bezel.

– 2005 Pasha de Cartier in 42mm –

This new and bolder model was released in the three colors of gold, a limited edition in palladium, and later on also in steel. It is the 42mm Pasha that is often seen as the best looking model, due to its smooth lines and dial. Several complication models followed.

In 2006 A new case design was presented as the steel ‘Pasha Seatimer‘ and this Dive watch was equipped with a black dial, rotating bezel, and rubber strap.

– 2006 Pasha Seatimer –

2009 You may have missed on this one, but the beautiful steel ‘Miss Pasha‘ with its pink dial and 27mm case, was cute and very successful in Japan.

k- 2009 steel Miss Pasha model –

2020 is the year that really changed a lot for the Pasha because the now introduced models are made more sophisticated than ever. The very handy interchangeable straps, that we have seen on other models like the new Santos, the sapphire crystal case back, the new and easier to handle crown, and the personalized engraving made the ‘Pasha de Cartier‘ watch very sophisticated in terms of watchmaking functions and design details, that combine to strengthen and maximize its ergonomic appeal.

– Maisie Williams wearing the new Pasha –

But the question that always comes back, is what will be the right size for you. The large 41mm or the smaller 35mm. Both sizes are equipped with Cartier’s own automatic 1847 MC caliber, both models are technically identical and nowadays it may very well be that men may also like the smaller version, that more easily fits under a cuffed shirt, and ladies the eye-catching larger one. Everything is possible.

– Pasha de Cartier

As it has always been with the ‘Pasha de Cartier‘, there are not really men’s or ladies’ models, as with many of Cartier’s watches, it is a matter of trying and seeing for yourself what looks good.

For €6,250  the 35mm version (reference CRWSPA0013) is yours and the 41mm will set you back €6,800  (reference CRWSPA0009).  Both models are also available in yellow- or in pink gold and diamond-set versions are available. All models are from today on display at the Cartier points of sale and Cartier’s own Boutiques around the world.

More information at CARTIER.

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