Introducing Cartier’s Tank 100th. Anniversary Collection

The long awaited launch of new Tank watches, to celebrate the 100 Years Tank Anniversary, does not disappoint. I expected one special anniversary model, but there are a few very different gems, where a lot of us, have been waiting for. To begin with, the coolest Tank Cartier ever designed, the Tank Cintrée will be released in platinum and in pink gold, both with a skeleton caliber and both limited to just 100 pieces! This time we’re not talking about the type of skeleton, we know from the Crash watch or Santos Dumont Skeleton, where bridges were used to create the numerals, but it is now more like the sapphire disc version of the Tank Louis Cartier Sapphire Skeleton, with that transparent caliber 9616MC. The concept of the new 9917MC caliber that Cartier especially build for this Tank Cintrée, can be vaguely compared to that of the Tank Louis Cartier sapphire, but this new mechanical caliber, that is completely built from scratch, only follows the concept lines of that of the Tank Louis Cartier Sapphire Skeleton. But there is more like the new classic Tank Louis Cartier models.

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