Dive Into The History Of ‘La Maison’ With L’Odyssée de Cartier

When it comes to promoting its brand, Cartier has always believed in the creative approach. In the last few years, Cartier has introduced several short movies in which they bring an atmosphere alive, that they believe suits the brand. La Maison now takes it a step further with L’Odyssée de Cartier.

L’Odyssée de Cartier consists out of a series of short films that talk about everything Cartier. In a unique way, they highlight not only the history of La Maison but also what inspired many of the designs that became legendary. The first five episodes have just been released, and all have a running time of just below three minutes. While this seems quite short, it is enough time to enable Cartier to tell quite a few things of its imposing history.

The first episode is dedicated to a woman that played a very important role in the legacy of Cartier. Jeanne Toussaint was La Maison’s Creative Director from 1933 till 1970. She was known under the nickname ‘la Panthère’ and forged the strong bond between Cartier and the big cat that would inspire so many pieces of jewelry and even watches.

The other four films are dedicated to Cartier’s relationship with certain countries. There is an episode about Cartier in the UK, as not only one of their three original boutiques was located in London, but this was also the place where the famous Crash watch came to life. One of the most important markets for Cartier, especially in the beginning, has been Russia, and episode three gives us an insight into the influence of the East on Cartier’s design. Chapter four expands on this, as it shows how the abstract geometry of Islamic art also found its way into Cartier’s collections, along with the brand’s passion for rare pearls. China was also a significant source of inspiration for Cartier, and many historic pieces feature Art Deco design combined with dragons and chimeras. Instead of a clash of cultures, Cartier was able to turn this into a multicultural synergy.

The four films can be found on Cartier’s social media channels, with the fifth one added later in Autumn, and more are expected to be added in the near future as Cartier is also bound to explore other aspects of its rich history, imposing present and exhilarating future.

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