Cartier’s New Exhibition “The Making of Art,” – Will open In Chengdu, China, this month!

On April the 18th. 2015 Cartier’s newest exhibition will be opened at the Sichuan Museum in Chengdu, China. The exhibition will not have the same theme as ‘Time Art’ but will be more in line with the exhibition ‘Cartier Treasures’, that was held in the Forbidden City in Beijing in 2009 and ‘Style & History’ that was held in Paris in 2014; an over view of Jewellery, Objects, Clocks and Watches. The focus this time is on two themes: Chinese inspiration in Cartier’s pieces and the jeweler’s nature motifs juxtaposed with the museum’s collection of Chinese antiques. A kind of showcase of Chinese-inspired pieces. “The Making of Art” exhibition will present mainly Cartier jewellery, items against museum pieces to showcase the “transcultural echo” between the East and the West. One of the clocks that will be on display, is a turtle-chimera clock (1943) carved in Chinese coral. There has not been any communication about this exposition yet,  but as soon as more information about the exposition becomes available, I will update this article, in the meantime you can mark your diary.

Turtle Chimara Clock

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