Cartier Remakes Original Cintrée, To Celebrate Its 100th. Anniversary!

It was 2018 when Cartier re-released the Tank Cintrée in yellow-, rose gold and platinum. You can find my full article about these watches at REVOLUTION. Many Cartier enthusiasts were really waiting for a Tank Cintrée, because the watch was last released in 2006, for the Collection Privée, Cartier Paris series, in an edition of 150 pieces. However, it is this year that the legendary model is 100 years old and Cartier does not let this go unnoticed, although the launch was a bit sneaky, since it is only now getting through to many collectors in the US and EU, that this Celebration model, already has been silently offered at the Boutiques in Asia since the end of 2020. One of the well-known Cartier collectors from Singapore, watchrology @ Instagram, was the first to show the new ‘100 Years Anniversary’ model.


The Tank Cintrée 100 years, where we are talking about, is now the crowning glory of the collection! And this new Tank is a fairly precise copy of the very first model launched in yellow gold in 1921, and is released in a Limited Edition of just 150 pieces! The new model is therefore also in yellow gold and it has a case size of 46.3mm x 23mm, just slightly larger than the original, which measured 44.7mm x 23mm. Here it is.

– The New Tank Cintrée 100 Years !! –

Cartier released almost all watches with a folding clasp for years, but that has not been since 2018 and the new 2020 model will therefore unfortunately be equipped with a normal tang buckle, unlike the vintage Tank.


Cartier has come a long way to the collector, by omitting the often discussed SWISS MADE from the dial, and this gives the appearance a very nice vintage look. This is really something that rarely, if ever, happens. The color of the dial and the use of the beloved, blued steel, Breguet style hands also contribute to the correct appearance. Still, there must be differences, because it is too dangerous to release a 100% exact replica. After all, over the years, the new models would be indistinguishable from a vintage model.

– Vintage Tank Cintrée in platinum –

In 2006, when the Collection Privée, Cartier Paris model was released, the bottom plates of the case were screwed with 8 screws. But just like the 2018 models, the new Jubilée model no longer has such a screwed bottom plate, but a snap-on plate. Which makes a solid difference. Without saying whether one is better than the other. Then the crown of the Tank Cintree, which was always very recognizable on Cintrée models. This has now changed shape and the crown of the Anniversary model now resembles more that of the current Tank Louis Cartier. The part between the winding ring and the sapphire has been changed.

– Tank Cintrée winding crown, previous versus the new one –

Over the years, the Tank Cintrée has become well known with Arabic numerals, the first model that dates from 1921, however, had Roman numerals, as we know from most other Tanks from Cartier. For the spelling of the number 4, Cartier almost always uses IIII, this is something that often comes up with a lot of questions, but Cartier has been doing this over the years and launched even the vintage 1921 model like that.

– Vintage Tank Cintrée 1921 –

For the Tank Cintrée 100 Years, La Maison deviates occasionally and used for the number 4, the writing mode IV, like some vintage models. A very nice solution that we do not often encounter anymore with the brand. This is also a remarkable difference between the two Tank Cintrée’s.  From a technical point of view, there is not much difference with the 2018 models. The watch is equipped with a reliable mechanical 9780MC caliber by JLC, which sports a power reserve of 36 hours. and the case, of course, you should be aware of that, is not completely waterproof due, to its curved shape. Something that is not a problem at all in everyday life, but the watch cannot be taken with you under the shower or in the pool. This is a dress watch pure sang and together with the Tonneau, the ultimate dandy watch!


A Tank Cintrée is really a watch for enthusiasts and most of them go to connoisseurs and collectors, or to people who have several watches from this famous Maison. However, this version of the Tank Cintrée is a limited edition of only 150 pieces, and the price, roughly Euro 30K incl. VAT is much higher than we are used to, from previous collections. Which makes the watch more suitable for the experienced collector. But since 2021 just has started, the question is; will this be the one that will run the party, or will there be more to come?

Despite the fact that Cartier has absolutely succeeded in presenting a perfect Tank Cintrée, which has already found its way to the spoiled consumer, I honestly wonder if the real connoisseur will bite as well.

– Tank Cintrée, ‘Fred Astaire’ model –

To achieve that, a new version of the Fred Astaire version, (which was launched during the first ten years of the model’s life span), should have to be released, IMHO. This would have been a more daring, but less safe choice.

Ref. nr: WGTA0057 • Price: Euro 30.000 incl. VAT • Lim. ed. of just 150 pc..

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