Cartier Launches The Tank Anglaise in Steel / Pink Gold!

Earlier than expected, the steel pink gold version of the Tank Anglaise has arrived,  (or is arriving) World wide in the Boutiques this month. A moment where many, especially the ones who would like to have the watch as a daily wearer,  have been waiting for.
Let’s recap and flash back to the SIHH last January when a new Tank, the Tank Anglaise,  was introduced in gold and gold with diamonds. Cartier’s large Tank family has evolved and been innovated. The new Tank Anglaise also embodies the pioneering spirit of Tank by boldly hiding its crown, in the vertical brancards and revealing only its inlaid precious stones. 
   The crown that sets the Anglaise model apart from most other Tank models, was may be inspired by the early Cartier Ceinture watches, hided, but still visible. Very smart solution.
 At the same time, the Tank Anglaise echoes the forms of two other classic Tank series  – the Tank Américaine (1989)  and the Tank Française (1996).  Together, the three unite in paying homage to Cartier’s three historical boutiques in New York, Paris, and London.
The looks of the steel/pink gold  XL model and the medium version are typical Cartier, the guilloche dial, the blued hands we know from the gold model, are all there. The size however has increased a lot.
The Tank Americain, I remember, was at the time of it’s release a really large watch. I have the 1989 model myself and my collegues were laughing a bit when they first saw it. But the Tank Anglaise XL is even more impressive with it’s 32.2 x 47mm dimensions.
The medium model could be a very could solution when the XL feels too large. The medium is still not a small watch with it’s case size of 29.8 x 39.2mm
Both models have an automatic movement. The well known, by Cartier in house developed 1904MC caliber for the Tank Anglaise XL .
 And the ETA based 076MC caliber for the medium model.
Don’t be too disapointed that there is no ‘in house’ movement for the medium version, this 076MC caliber has proven over the years to be a very good work horse. The Ballon bleu MM and the Santos 100MM both have that same caliber.
How does it fit and look on the wrist? Since just pictures of the watch don’t tell the whole story, I made a few wrist shots, to give an idea what the watch does on the wrist. Thanks to the gentlemen of the Boutique for helping me making these pictures.
Here is a wrist shot of the XL model
And the medium model

Quite a good looking watch the medium model and all the details that the XL version has, are alike in the medium model.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the difference.
Cartier made the Santos model famous by creating the steel and yellow gold Santos in 1978;  a very new look at that time. The steel / pink gold case of these Tank Anglaises has the same effect on me and is in fact an even stronger and more modern combination.
I would like to thank the staff of the Cartier Boutique in Amsterdam for their hospitality.

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