Cartier Expands Eyewear Collection For 2019

Cartier is much more than just a watch and jewellery brand, as they have been doing accessories since their early beginnings. What is surprising about Cartier’s legacy in this field is that they have been such an extremely consistent performer. While the whims of fashion do have a modest influence on the designs, that timeless Cartier DNA is still the basis. This is also the case of the brand’s eyewear collection, which for 2019 will be expanded by several new models.

The Santos de Cartier sunglasses have become an icon ever since Christopher Walken gave them a timeless cool-factor by donning them in his role as Max Zorin, the archenemy in the James Bond movie ‘A View To A Kill.’ That appeal most certainly hasn’t worn off as the latest version of these glasses hit the boutiques. The glasses are available in either a classic gold or a more contemporary platinum finish. Several screws are visible as a reference to the watch that gave these glasses their name. The calfskin leather lapel adds character, but can also easily be removed.

The Signature C de Cartier has in its rimless appearance a kind of John Lennon flair. This is also one of the pair of glasses that shows how strong Cartier is in the design of them. While it is a very minimalistic design, it oozes style and class thanks to small details, such as the C de Cartier which forms the nose bridge. The added advantage of this pair of glasses is also that they are extremely light!

The rimmed, double-bridge version of the Signature C de Cartier offers a very contemporary look, especially in the all black version. They are sleek and smooth, and thanks to the titanium frame also very light to wear.

Those of us who like to make a bold statement with their sunglasses will be pleased by the Première de Cartier, whose design is based on the very first eyewear collection of Cartier which was launched in 1983. It features an acetate frame with metal accents and large lenses. It combines this with details such as the C de Cartier, as well as the Godron motif, for a classic appearance that is in fact timeless.

All these additions will make it difficult for discerning gentlemen to pick their favourite. These glasses are expected to be available in the boutiques and at select dealers just before Spring.

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