Cartier Introduces ‘Care’, the New Global Service!

Cartier launches new client-dedicated platform

Driven by the ambition of offering a seamless and personalized experience and surprising clients with new initiatives, Cartier announced today Cartier Care, La Maison’s brand new platform to bridge the gap between the numerous touchpoints clients have within the Maison and to further enrich client experience in a fast-changing luxury environment. Cartier Care features a digital platform, through which Cartier clients will get access to services and personalized advice, thus enriching their journey within the Maison.

Designing an upgraded and unrivaled services offer to elevate the client experience.

Since 1847, the Maison Cartier has embodied a tradition of excellence. This tradition has become a commitment extending to their creations, savoir-faire, and quality of service, driven by a dedication to constantly improve the satisfaction of their clients, surprise them and offer them a strong value proposition.

– Luzern Boutique –

On the occasion of the launch of the Santos de Cartier (2018), La Maison successfully initiated an exclusive program for their clients owning a timepiece from the Santos 100 collection, by inviting them to come into the boutiques and benefit from a full complimentary check, along with the installation of a demagnetization device on their timepiece. This followed the equally successful offer developed to support and celebrate the launch of Panthère de Cartier (2017) in which clients owning an original Panthère de Cartier watch was offered a complimentary battery change, a brightening, and a full technical check.

– Cartier New Bondstreet Mansions, (Prestige Floor) –

Today, Cartier aims at providing the most relevant and compelling experience, by further developing new services that are inspired by their clients and express our savoir-faire:

  • –  The introduction of the new Santos Dumont, that was powered with a new quartz caliber and new developed battery. Cartier now offers that new generation of batteries and quartz movements for watches, guarantying an autonomy of up to 6 years, instead of 3 years. All Cartier clients owning a quartz timepiece that is eligible for this procedure will be contacted within the upcoming year, to benefit from this procedure,
  • – For all Cartier clients’ creations, La Maison is now proposing complementary size adjustment and brightening. Moreover, Cartier is developing new in-boutiques personalization services, such as engraving mirroring our clients’ handwriting and jewel case embossing. This newly reshaped courtesy offer also includes Cartier’s latest collections as well as the loaning of creations for special moments of our clients’ life,
  • –  As part of the new services that are initiated, the Maison currently explores the possibility to buy timepieces back from their clients, thus enabling them to acquire creations from our newest collections. Think about timepieces that have a historical significance or milestones for Cartier. A more general “trade-in” service is already available via Watchfinder in the UK and will soon be deployed in other countries, starting January 2020, allowing clients to trade their collections. ‘Watchfinder’ is the leading platform to research, buy and sell premium pre-owned watches, both online and through its seven boutiques.
– International Warranty card –
  • Moreover, starting November 12, 2019, Cartier clients can register their Cartier watches on a secured digital platform and get exclusive access to Cartier’s services, through Cartier Care, including an up to 8-year International Limited Warranty across all timepieces. Timepieces (watches) under the original International limited warranty will indeed be eligible for the warranty extension upon online registration to Cartier Care on

Following their registration, Cartier clients will benefit from personalized services related to their creations, such as in boutique services related to their maintenance, or tailor-made care advice on their personal collection.

– Cartier Hong Kong ‘Prince Building’ –

Cartier Care addresses the ever-growing needs of global clients for consistent relations and a seamless experience across all touchpoints. As such, Cartier Care will progressively include all of the Maison categories (jewelry, watchmaking, leather goods, and accessories), and allow Cartier clients to benefit from the services provided via the Cartier Care digital platform in all Cartier boutiques worldwide.

Arnaud Carrez, International Marketing, and Communication Director Cartier International said the following:

– Arnaud Carrez –

Cartier Care is what innovation means to Cartier: moving forward, exploring new territories, new techniques, to better serve our clients and offer to elevate their personal experience with our Maison. Our ambition is to define the best use of this digital platform to bring our clients to the next level of experience. Each of the services we provide is improving a part of our client journey, be it starting their relationship with us, or ensuring the highest level of service. More and more, clients are seeking out unexpected experiences, the “never seen before”. To that point, Cartier is more relevant than ever as we bring curiosity and surprise to our clients, and ultimately design compelling interactions with them.”

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