Cartier, The Gentleman’s Files; The Paparazzi book was seven years in the making and for good reason. George Cramer traveled the world to talk with Cartier staff, passionate collectors and knowledgable connoisseurs, got the most exclusive and exceptional watches in front of his camera and put it all together in a book unlike any other.

It combines interesting facts about both well-known and rare models, technical information and historic insights with stunning photography. It highlights, in particular, the period between 1985 and 2018, and is exclusively about the men’s watches.

All these photos and interesting information in captured in lifesize and hardcover bound because Cartier, The Gentleman’s Files is printed as a substantial coffee table book with no less than 330 pages. It is a book that you can’t lay down once you have picked it up and that even when you have read it from cover to cover will make you come back to dive again into the stunning men’s models that ‘La Maison’ made.

You can order your copy of George Cramer’s unique book HERE

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