Watches Fit For A Gentleman At Antiquorums Upcoming Auction

Antiquorums‘ upcoming auction in Geneva not only gives us charming Cartier clocks but as quite a few watches fit for a gentleman. While recent Covid restrictions in Switzerland, unfortunately, mean that the auction will continue online-only, that doesn’t take away from the fact that some rare and extraordinary watches will be changing hands. Here are the ones that caught our eye;

Lot 206 Cartier Santos
An early Cartier Santos with a matching gold bracelet has to be a dream for many collectors. This particular version was made around 1930 and seems to be in a very nice condition. While many collectors are attracted to these watches, few actually buy them. By modern standards, the watch’s size is relatively small for a man, being 23mm wide. Also, the challenge with a gold bracelet of this age is that it needs to fit you, and with an overall length of 146mm, is it most likely going to fit more ladies’ wrist than men. That being said, the appeal and charm of such an early Santos is undeniable and makes it quite a statement piece when it does fit you. The estimate of CHF 7,000 – 9,000 seems to be so low to entice many bids.

Lot 207 Cartier Vendome BiPlan
The Cartier Vendome BiPlan is among the lesser-known Cartier’s, and we consider that a pity. What makes this watch so unusual is that it has its folding buckle integrated into the case. The strap itself is made out of a single piece yet can be adjusted on one side. While only 32mm in diameter, its simple white gold case has plenty of character, a refined guilloche dial, and blued sword hands. The Vendome lug construction, here consisting of a full bar, gives this Cartier a contemporary twist. This particular watch was made around 1994 and is fitted with ultra-slim mechanical caliber 9P2, which Cartier adopted from Piaget. Estimate CHF 3,000 – 5,000

Lot 226 Omega with black honeycomb dial
You don’t have to be rich to enjoy rare, high-quality watches. It helps, but it is not always necessary as this exquisite Omega from 1953 proves. It has a charming, 35mm large, stainless steel case with a beautiful lug design. It combines this with a black honeycomb dial, which gives the watch a luxurious look, especially in combination with the contrasting gold hands and hour markers. Inside we find caliber 354, which is a manufacture movement. So all combined does this Omega offer not only an incredible bang for your buck but also a timeless, stylish appearance that cannot be beaten by any modern-day watch. Estimate CHF 800 – 1,400 (to be sold without reserve)

Lot 119 Audemars Piguet Star Wheel
We have always been a fan of the Audemars Piguet Star Wheel, and this particular version is especially tempting. Crafted out of pink gold, it features charming engravings on the dial side that give this watch a vintage vibe. As it was sold in 1995 to its original owner, it is not even that old, but long enough for many modern-day collectors not to be familiar with this Audemars Piguet featuring wandering hours. This complication (although it is not that per se) gives a very relaxed way of approaching the concept of time, making a design statement at the same time. As it does not overly so, it is the perfect watch for a gentleman who wants to stand out by a unique Audemars Piguet that is not a Royal Oak. Estimate CHF 8,000 – 12,000

Lot 28 Zenith Single-button chronograph
While it is in desperate need of a more suitable strap (may we suggest peccary?), we are very charmed by this charismatic 1930’s single-button chronograph from Zenith. It comes in a cushion-shaped case made from yellow gold and fitted with an onion crown with an integrated chronograph button. As a result, is its design surprisingly clean. This compensates for the dial, which is providing a lot of information. Made from enamel, it has a tachymeter snail scale printed on it in red, with the rest in black. This gives the watch a very dynamic appearance, despite its age. Blued Breguet hands round up this creation, which has a diameter of 32mm. Too small? We don’t think so, as this size will make just the right statement on the wrist and wears slightly larger as it is not round but a cushion shape. Estimate 2,500 – 4,500

Antiquorum‘s upcoming auction will take place on November 8th in Geneva, and also includes these stunning Cartier desk and travel clocks we wrote about earlier.

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