Antiquorums Hong Kong Auction Brings Some Surprising Pieces

For Antiquorum, their Hong Kong auction is coming up very soon. It promises to be very exciting as they offer a wide range of timekeepers bound to please many collectors. Many exceptional clocks and pocketwatches are up for auction and a variety of watches, ranging from vintage to new old stock of more recent make. For the gentleman collector, the following lots might be of interest;

Lot 202; Must de Cartier
It is perhaps a bit strange to start with a quartz-powered Must de Cartier, but this is an opportunity to own something quite rare for a very competitive price. This particular watch shows a dial with the ‘LC Love’ diamond on top of the decoration that Cartier used only for its 150th-anniversary collection in 1997. Interestingly, this model was never officially part of this collection, which makes it that this model was for Cartier staff only. These models also didn’t have the ruby cabochon set in the crown of all the watches of the 150th-anniversary collection but the traditional synthetic sapphire. While this watch may be modest in nature, it is a rarity and a good-looking one.

Lot 205; Cartier Ellipse
The Ellipse is still a bit of an underappreciated watch in Cartier’s history. Undeserved, if you ask me because the watch has a lot of character. This is, in particular, true with this model that combines yellow gold with white gold. It is quite unusual to see this model in this configuration, which has always been among the most rare. What makes this watch also interesting is that it was from the late 1970s when Cartier was already ramping up to become the global luxury powerhouse that they are today. As it is also fitted with a manual wind movement, this is one of those models that combine affordability with vintage appeal.

Lot 207; Pasha de Cartier Chronograph
I am a big fan of the Pasha, as it has such a distinct look with its canteen crown and Vendome lugs. This particular version was a limited edition that offered a black dial. Frequent readers of Troisanneaux know that it is quite rare for Cartier to use this color for the dial. It is matched by onyx cabochons in the canteen crown and chronograph pushers. While the case is made out of stainless steel, the bezel is from platinum, adding some additional appeal to the watch. It is from a time when Cartier wasn’t a manufacture yet, but that doesn’t mean that it disappoints, as La Maison opted for a Frederic Piguet caliber 1185 to power this Pasha.

Lot 212; Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Tribute to 1931
One of the most stunning watches that has been introduced in recent years is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Tribute to 1931. The watch itself is quite generous, measuring 46 x 27.5 mm, but at the same time relatively thin. This way, the watch appeals to modern taste without losing its retro appeal. This particular model has a black dial. Most would prefer the more colorful dials that Jaeger-LeCoultre also launched in this collection; however, the black dial’s versatility is hard to beat. This is especially the case when matched with a dark brown strap like this one.

Lot 219; Breguet Marine Chronograph
Are you man enough to wear a gold chronograph on a gold bracelet, which diameter measures only 35.5mm? In today’s world, it would not be at the top of the list of many men, but those who do will be delighted with this Breguet Marine Chronograph. The bracelet combines a distinct design with exceptional suppleness, making it a pleasure to wear. Being part of the Marine collection means that the watch looks a bit more robust than its slightly more classic siblings. On the wrist, its smaller diameter also works in its advantage as it shows more of the bracelet when checking the time, and that will guaranteed result in a smile on your face.

Lot 229; Andersen Communication
Svend Andersen is one of the hero’s of independent watchmaking. It was in his workshop that many of the current independent watchmakers learned their craft. His own watches are still being made in limited numbers, adding to the appeal. This ‘Communication’ is a charming world time watch in the fashion that we also know from, for example, Patek Philippe. It has a gold bezel with the names of 31 cities around the world engraved in it, and a 24-hour ring surrounding the dial. As this ring turns, it shows the current time of the corresponding city on the bezel. This complication is made by Andersen himself and placed on a base-caliber by Frederic Piguet. To stay in theme, the dial itself shows the world with all the continents surrounded by a sea of blue lacquer. With its classic lugs, it results in a charming, appealing watch made by a true master.

The auction at Antiquorum takes place on Thursday, July 23th, 2020, at 4:00 pm (Hong Kong time). See the complete lists of lots here

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