What Aldo Cipullo created for the Cartier man!

Extra ordinary jewellery designer Aldo Cipullo, worked closely with Cartier New York, in a time Studio 54 was the hottest place to hang around, for the creative and  jet set New Yorkers. As young as he was, as wild were his ideas.  

His famous ‘Love’ bracelet with the screws and screwdriver to open it, was a shocking piece of jewelry, when it was launched.  But the designer went even further in 1971, when he designed the the ‘Nail’ bracelet;  a piece of gold bended and turned into the shape of a nail, to fit perfectly

around the wrist. The ‘Nail bracelet’ was re-introduced by Cartier on April 12st., 2012 and re-named to ‘Juste un Clou’.The launch took place at the Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion in New York Cityand was commemorated with an exhibition of Cipullo’s work.When Aldo Cipullo, who passed away in 1984, designed the ‘LOVE’ bracelet for Cartier New York, no one expected that the piece would the bracelet was only available in yellow gold, while later on, a white gold and a platinum version, were added to the collection. A pink gold with diamonds limited edition of  300 pieces created for the

150th. anniversary of Cartier, was introduced in 1997 and was sold out instantly during the event. The bracelet could only be opened by the supplied screw driver to put it on or to take it off, but a normal slotted screwdriver with the right size, will do the job as well, in case of an ’emergency’. Matching cufflinks and even a collar pin, became  available in 1982. The bracelet is quite often used by couples, as a wedding bracelet.

Celebrities like Kenny Rogers, Elton John, Larry King, Rick James, Tina Turner, Quincy Jones, Edison Chen and many others have often been seen wearing their bracelet. This bracelet was the start and still is the centre piece of the extensive ‘LOVE’ collection. 

Many different ‘LOVE’ items have come and gone since 1969, from cufflinks to collar pins, but the strong concept of the bracelet and ring, are still getting the most attention. The other and may be even more eye catching design by Also Cipullo, the ‘Juste un Clou’ bracelet, that the designer created for Cartier New York in 1971, is now more popular than the Love bracelet.  In Spring 2013, the collection existed of bracelets and rings and a pair of newly designed wrap around cufflinks,were launched in 2014,

while the collar pin and the lapel pin, were launched in pink gold in 2018 followed by the white gold diamond set version. These two creations, the ‘LOVE’ and the ‘Juste un Clou’ collections, are often worn together and should be seen as the most important designs in Cartier’s collection of ‘daily wear’ jewelry. Despite the fact that both collections are very successful, the way they were designed by Aldo Cipullo, Cartier presented thinner versions of the ‘Love’ and of the ‘Juste un Clou’ collection.

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