Watch of the Week: Santos de Cartier Skeleton “Noctambule”

In a relatively short period of time, Cartier has put itself forward as one of the experts when it comes to skeleton watches. Thanks to an innovative approach to this craft, the brand has been able to embed it in its DNA. One of the ways that they have been able to do this is by connecting it to another hallmark of them; the Roman numerals. By crafting the bridge and mainplate in their shape, and organizing the different parts of the movement in between them, the base for a very expressive watch is created in the process, especially when this movement is fitted in the case of the Santos de Cartier.

Image by Alex Teuscher for Haute Time

Cartier has always been quite a subtle brand and for the Santos de Cartier Skeleton “Noctambule” they take this even further, by coating the stainless steel case, crown, bezel and folding clasp with Amorphous Diamond-Like Carbon, or ADLC. This gives the watch a deep black color, which almost has a velvet appearance on some parts due to the exceptional finish that Cartier has applied to them. The great benefit is that this color is here to stay, as ADLC is much harder than, for example, PVD, which is more commonly used in watchmaking. Read the entire article on Haute Time

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