Visiting Cartier Singapore

Last week when I visited Singapore, I  checked out the three Cartier Boutiques. Mr. Christopher Kilaniotis, Cartier’s Managing Director, was so kind to show me around in his really large and gorgeous Boutiques on Orchard Road.
On the last day of my trip, I took a taxi to visit Marina Bay, Singapores new shopping center,
that only recently opened. It’s a high end very modern place where brands like Mont Blanc, Chopard, Franck Muller, Richard Mille,  Ferrari, Harley Davidson and so many others opened their store.
 Besides the two impressive Cartier Boutiques on Orchard Road,  Cartier opened here a third and spacious store, with lots of very nice details. Located in a curve with a open space in front of it, the Boutique has taken a prime location.
 As soon as one enters the Boutique, the large chandelier catches immediately attention. A modern crystal version of the so famous chandeliers from the past.
Please bear in mind that the showcases were not decorated completely, at the time of my visit since I was at the Boutique just before opening, in order to take these photographs.
 On the first floor is the ‘Watch room’,  the place where the Haute Horlogerie can be found
 The leather of the presentation table has a beautiful watch detail embossing while the carpet has details of the minute tracking of the Tank watches. Nice elements that I had not seen before in other Boutiques.
The VIP room can be closed with a sliding door and is also used for clients that prefer a some privacy.
Very nicely decorated with the well known bookshelfs and Cartier books that can be found in most newer Cartier boutiques along the world.
The Cartier boutique is very tasteful, but I must say that the whole shopping center in general,  made a huge impression on me. The space, the wide corridors and light coming from all sides, makes it a pleasure to spend half a day here. When I left the shopping complex, I noticed the view of the city, that must be a dream to look at  at night and that cannot be missed.

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