The Work Of Peter Lippmann – Part I

Cartier and photography.
The campaigns of the Tank Anglaise and of the ‘Just un Clou’ bracelet, in Worldwide media, did not remain unnoticed, by anybody. Cartier always works with top photographers around the world, to get the best images of their watches and jewelry. When we talk about of commercial photography, everything needs to be right, wrong reflections are touched up and important details are extra highlighted, to make sure that no detail is missed by the reader of the magazine.
The result are great product shots, which are sometimes also a bit too clean.

Editorial photography is a  complete different type of photography.
Here the photographer has much more- and often all the freedom, to create a highly creative image.
Atmosphere and the total image is more important than the exact reproduction of product details.
It should be seen as a specialisation in photography.

‘Magazine Cartier Art’ is a superb non commercial magazine, about art and architecture and contains articles about upcoming- as well as established artists. It’s this magazine where I saw for the first time the work of photographer Peter Lippmann; it were the photographs, made to illustrate the article ‘Birth of an Icon’ in 2004, that immediately caught my eye.

I am very happy (and proud) that photographer Peter Lippmann and Cartier gave us the rights to publish some of his work here at my website, since as far as I know, these amazing images have not been published in any other magazine, but just in ‘Magazine Cartier Art’. ([url=]Subscriptions are available[/url])

Santos Dumont from 1963

Santos de Cartier from 1978, in steel and automatic caliber

To create a metal construction, resembling a model kit, to the display the watches and parts of de Santos, is a very clever and creative idea that matches the industrial looks of the watch só well.

‘Extraseduction’ was the amazing photoshoot for the La Dona watch and the Crocodile bracelet created for Maria Félix.Especially the pictures of young crocodiles together with the gold crocodiles, created by Cartier, gave a surrealistic and unbelievable effect.



addon-4.phpSpot the difference, which one is real and which ones are made by Cartier?

Another article that contained great images was ‘do the write thing’ Here pens were used in vintage surroundings and in combination with models, like Lippmann did with the photography of ‘Juste un Clou’ in the last issue of the magazine. Cartier produced over the years an incredible collection of pens and some of the really cool models with clocks were re-released in a different form factor.

addon-5.phpBallpoint calendar-watch combination, black lacquer and platinum finish. Limited edition of 2000 pieces in 1999

addon-6.phpBallpoint pen with magnifying glass. Limited edition of 1000 pieces in 2004

addon-7.phpCalligraphic pen, black lacquer. Limited edition of 2000 pieces

addon-8.phpLouis Cartier Dandy pen, gold foil décor, gold plated details. Limited edition of 1847 pieces in 2005

addon-9.phpMini Must de Cartier ballpoint pen, solid gold, pink sapphires, diamonds

Lippmann’s last photo session for ‘Magazin Cartier Art’ was for the ‘Juste un Clou’ bracelet, that was launched this year. Instead of flashing back to the eighties and the times of Studio 54, the period when Aldo Cipullo created the bracelet, Lippmann did his ‘own thing’ and created these clean and very sexy black & white images, of models wearing the jewelry.

addon-10.phpXL ‘Just un Clou’ bracelet on her, ‘Juste un Clou’ ring on him

addon-12.phpXL ‘Just un Clou’ bracelet and ‘Juste un Clou’ ring set with diamonds

The last photograph of the bracelet, in the hair, is very Lippmann.

It’s clear that Peter Lippmann’s perfectionism is excellent for the products of Cartier,
he is able to create an atmosphere and a classy surroundings, that amazes and attracts without the
usually lowbrow tricks. Studio Lippmann is based in Paris and besides Cartier, Marie Claire, Christian Louboutin and B&O, are among his clients.


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