The second Drive de Cartier; Stylish World traveller

Last January when Cartier launched the ‘Drive de Cartier‘ watches at the 2016 SIHH, there was a lot of traffic at the Cartier booth. Most journalists talked amongst each other, about this new watch, in the corridors. Cartier is usually presenting quite a few new watches at the SIHH in Geneva, but it’s not every year that ‘La Maison’ presents a steel mens only model, in the main stream category. Well the Drive is certainly a mens watch, not because of its robust dimension, since ladies wear any size these days, but because of its macho details and styling .We had to wait about seven months before the second model, with Grande Date, Retrograde Second Time Zone and Day/Night Indicator, became available for review, but boy that was worth the wait! As I mentioned earlier in my article about the ‘Time Only’ model, the  Drive de Cartier has quite some wrist presence, due to the large case and clean dial. That dial, gives room to some nice complications. To begin with the Grande Date at twelve o’clock. In general I am not a date person, but a ‘Grande Date, has a certain class. Centered and placed at the position of  the 12, it looks very prominent and keeps the off centered dial, very well in balance. It gives the dial a modern and less traditional look.

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