The Day My Holy Grail Arrived!

These may be strong words, but we’re talking about a timepiece, that I have been searching for years for. There are other models in the current collection that should be higher on my wish list, but these are all far out of my reach. So for the next few minutes I will bore you about the Tortue, a watch that was created by Louis Cartier in 1912 and has been in the collection, for over a century, in fairly small production runs. The Tortue model is quite exclusive and has only been produced in precious metals. The version I was looking for was the XL, a model that was released in January 2006, in platinum and in pink gold, with the mechanical 9601MC caliber, made for Cartier by JLC. The watch was produced in less than 100 pieces and sold out in no time at that time. It was however not a Limited Edition. Let me explain why it had to be this particular one, in this article I wrote for FRATELLOWATCHES.

3 thoughts on “The Day My Holy Grail Arrived!

  1. Hello there, where might I find a definitive list of Cartier watch production numbers please ? I’m looking to quietly start a collection ( probably pre 1970 Tank) so as to ensure a limited run. I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this subject too.



    1. Very difficult one Phil,
      As far as now I have never seen such list and I wonder if it exists.
      I also doubt if Cartier has done an accurate administration like Patek Philippe did.
      The book ‘The Tank Watch’ by Franco Cologni, may have some useful information.

      Best regards,

      1. That’s a great idea thank you. Naturally I’ll keep a close eye on this page too as you bring our attention to all things interesting. Thanks again.

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