Tank A Guichets, Hands On For The First Time

Tank a Guichets – I hardly dare to pronounce the name, since this is the Tank I always dreamed about to handle, but what never happened, during all those years, that I am following ‘La Maison’ at any event possible. The Tank a Guichets dates back to 1928 and was always somewhat holy for me. One of those watches that I thought I would never be able, to see up close, due to the very few that are around. I have seen a few of course, but always behind glass, at exhibitions.Cartier has some beautiful examples in their private collection. Looking at this watch behind glass, or having it in your hands, are two completely different things and when the chance occurred that I could photograph a Tank a Guichets, my enthusiasm kicked into overdrive. What is so special about this watch?

Check QUILL & PAD to read the full article about this really rare Tank watch.

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