Swimming With The Santos 100 ADLC !

Diving and swimming with a precious watch is something many people ask about, when acquiring a timepiece, but in daily life only few really do.
Even watches with metal or rubber bracelets, usually stay on board or are put away in the beach bag,  when the opportunity rises, to take a dive.
As mentioned in the previous article SPORTY BLACK,  the Santos 100 carbon is an ideal watch for a casual active and sporty life, in my opinion.


That proved this morning again, when I was swimming with my watch in the sea. Of course it performed very well. No surprises here.The water resistance of the Santos is 100 meter, so more than enough to swim. I must say that I found it very exiting to see the watch under water, the distortion that water creates, gives objects a mysterious look.


I was only swimming in about three meters (9 feet) deep sea water, so not diving to great depths!  Wish I dared to try that. Please bear in mind that swimming in sea water and especially in tropical seas like the ones around Asia and Australia, that contain much more salt, requires special attention!  As long as you’re in the water, it’s no problem, but it’s strongly advisable to rinse the watch very well, with fresh water, as soon as you’re back on the beach and not let the saltwater dry in.


While your Santos, Calibre, Pasha or Ballon bleu is qualified for swimming, it should be checked every year, to make sure that the rubber seals are still water tight. Only then it’s really safe to take a plunge. This can be done in the Cartier Boutique or at your AD.
This should actually be done with any brand. The Santos 100 carbon comes with a ‘toile de voile’ strap, which is a material that handles moist & water very well, but unlike rubber it does become wet when swimming. So if I would use a Santos 100 for every day swimming, I would probably replace the strap,  with a rubber version.


But for Summer and warm humid climates, the supplied strap is really ideal. In a few months Winter will hit Europe again so a good reason to replace this strap with one made of alligator leather to give it a different look and make it a better match with wool sweaters and jackets.

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