The Work Of Peter Lippmann – Part II

Peter Lippmann is one of the really cool and modern (product) photographers around. Again and againe I am amazed, when I see what he is creating for Cartier. His work is published in almost every other issue, of Cartier ART magazine and it is always about a certain theme or about a new collection. Products shot in a non commercial and very arty way.

This time it’s about the rings from the “Paris Nouvelle Vague” collection. May be not  a men’s product, but since the photography is again só good and creative, we do not want to withhold the images. The idea to work with rolls of 35mm ‘Kodachrome’ kinda film, that many of the younger readers may not remember any more, is an absolute smart idea, to surround the jewellery with. Carole Gregoris was responsible for the styling of this fabulous  shoot.


RING – pink gold, hematite, amethyst, smoky quartz, pink opal, brilliants.

999735_482125425195636_846384961_nRING – white gold, onyx, lapis lazuli, brilliants.

7150_482125421862303_924983139_nRING – white gold, brilliants.


RING – white gold, black lacquer, brilliants.


RING – yellow gold, lapis lazuli, chrysoprases, brilliants.


RING – white gold, brilliants


RING – pink gold, pink sapphires, brilliants


Cartier’s ART magazine is published three times a year, for information about subscriptions, please contact your local Boutique.



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