My Take on the New Cartier Crash Squelette!

A rumour that was really going on for years, was the one about Cartier releasing a larger Crash watch. Collectors and some journalists tried years ago to persuade Cartier, to launch a new version of the Crash watch, in a version that could be worn by men. And although I know quite a few men wearing the Classic Crash watch with pride, it is a really small watch for a man, althought, way back in 1967, it was originally designed as a mens watch.


In Januari the wait was over and the first press pictures of the piece over flooded the internet. What collectors and yours truly expected was a bolder, slightly larger model of the original, a solution that Cartier also had done with the Louis Cartier Tank. But that was not the case. La Maison took the whole idea apart, created a new water resistant case and redesigned their skeleton caliber drastically, so it could fit in the strange case that the Crash watch is.


Quite an amazing job that resulted in one of the most bizar looking watches, Cartier ever created and I mean that positively. The watch impressed me and the other journalists enormously and I was not surprised that almost all 67 pieces were sold out during the SIHH in January. Big succes for Cartier and a stunning watch for the ones that were able to get one. But if this is the version that the collectors, that had been waiting for years for a bigger Crash watch, would have loved to see, remains the question.

Since the model is one of the most limited watches in the Cartier collection, with an amazing history, I was asked to write a four page article on the Crash watch in general, for the March edition of Revolution Magazine, ASIA and USA edition.


When you’re interested in the history of the Crash watch and details of the new version, get your hands on the March issue and read my article ‘Born by Accident’. If the magazine is sold out,  or not available in your area, you can always get  the Digital version, that is in fact identical to the magazine and is downloadable for the iPad. Get REVOLUTION MAGAZINE Vol.13 from the Zinio digital newsstand for iDevices, Android or desktop HERE, which will be available shortly.

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