Louis Cartier; the King of Tanks!

Cartier’s slogan in 2013, when the Tank Anglaise was released was; A Tank, Is A Tank, Is A Tank. There was an impressive presentation during the launch, that featured all the different Tanks models  that Cartier ever created. But there is only one Tank that we see as the king of the collection, since there is one Tank that is the most accepted, most copied, most wanted, and most admired Tank of all. TankCaliberBut that does not mean that it also has to be the Tank that was sold the most, because actually the opposite is true. I am talking about the Tank Louis Cartier, or the LC Tank as collectors and connoisseurs like to call it. Click to read the full article, I wrote for FRATELLO-WATCHES

1 thought on “Louis Cartier; the King of Tanks!

  1. George
    Great articles!
    I have long been perplexed in dating a Cartier tank. It was always my impression that watches from the 1979 s or older the movements were by others. I do see movements from tank described from the 50-60’s that are only signed “Cartier”. Does that me the movement was “eta” what ever that means. I have tried to read every book there is but no one answers who made the movements. When purchasing a collectible Cartier I would like to be sure of build date and movement. Could you help?
    Neal P Wittels, MD

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