This year it will be 100 years ago that Cartier created its first Tank watch. It was the creation of the special watch, in fact, the watch we’re talking about was the prototype, that was given to the commander of American Expeditionary Forces in Europe, General John Pershing, that made Cartier’s first Tank watch a fact. And it was the beginning of a series, that can be called the strongest series of shaped watches, in one collection. Although Cartier does not stand still at every milestone of its creations, for instance, the 100 year’s birthday of the Tortue and the Tonneau passed without bells and whistles, the Tank watch is a different story. The Tank is after all the king of the Cartier watch collection and has always been a source of inspiration for the entire industry. While nothing has been confirmed at this stage, I am sure that it will be time for ‘La Maison’ to party. But what Tank will be celebrated, since Cartier created many different Tank watches? Interesting enough, the Tank that officially will be 100 years, is the least well-known Tank, the one that has not been in the collection since the seventies. So the question remains, will this birthday boy join the party, or will Cartier just celebrate the phenomenon Tank watch? After all, a Tank is a Tank, is a Tank, Tank, Tank, Tank!

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6 thoughts on “IT’s 2017 – CARTIER’s TANK WILL BE 100 YEARS !

  1. Hi,

    I have been waiting for Cartier to release Tank 100 this year but seems it will not happen? If I would like to have only one Cartier Tank watch, which one would you recommend to buy this year?


    1. Hi Allan, The celebration will be in September and Cartier will certainly release a new Tank and may be more. We just have to wait a few more weeks. I think a Tank Amricain is a great looking watch to wear as an every day watch. It is very comfortable on the wrist. Best, GEO

      1. BTW, do you know what the date of the release is?
        If not yet, do you mind letting me know by that time?
        Thank you very much?

        1. It will probably be during the first week of September,
          but as soon as it is announced by Cartier,
          I will mail you the details.
          No problem.

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