Ignored, Overlooked, And Underestimated: Cartier’s Ceinture Watch

A Cartier watch that has always fascinated me is the ‘Ceinture watch’.

I enjoy many of the models that this Parisian stalwart created in its early years. The fact that Cartier re-releases and updates most of its historic designs is one of the reasons I think Cartier is such a strong and attractive brand.

The first Ceinture watch dates back to 1927. And in 1973-1974 the model was re-released in two different case sizes, 25 mm and 27 mm. The following year a new 31 mm version came out.

Some of the smaller versions were equipped with quartz movements, but most of them were powered by the hand-wound Caliber 78.1. The large 31 mm version housed an automatic ETA caliber.

At that time yellow gold was the main metal used in the Cartier collection and that was also true for the Ceinture line. But white gold cases were available in small numbers as well as some two-tone pieces combining yellow and white gold. In 1975 a platinum version with mechanical caliber, red numerals, and a 25 x 25 mm case arrived.

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