Hermès Slim d’Hermès Titane; dress watch, sports watch, or simply the best of both worlds?

Some watches have a rare quality; they are neither a dress watch, nor a sports watch, but bring aspects of both types together in a sense of synergy. An excellent example of this is the Santos de Cartier, but also the Hermès Slim d’Hermès Titane falls into this category. While the brand became initially an important player in the world of luxury goods thanks to its equestrian equipment, followed by its luggage collection, it is also a force not to reckon with when it comes to watches, as this Slim d’Hermès shows.

Walking to its own beat
Since the beginning, Hermès has developed a style of its own for all its timepieces. It is a timeless sense of elegance, a bit understated, with a focus on subtle details and typography. These are also elements we see in the Slim d’Hermès Titane. Measuring 39.5mm in diameter makes that it is substantial without being overpowering. Its slender profile, thanks to a height of only 6mm, adds to this as well. The case is surprising, as the brand opted for Grade 2, while Grade 5 titanium is more commonly used for watches. This difference gives a deeper, darker color to the titanium and a slightly rougher surface when sandblasted. While you don’t expect it, it looks fantastic on a somewhat more formal watch like this. The same can be said of the lugs, which are slim and slender, increasing both the watch its wearing comfort as well as its character.

The design of the dial is nothing short of a stroke of brilliance. By working with three levels, the outer ring with the stenciled hours, the inner dial, and the subdial, a lot of depth is created in what is, in essence, a nearly flat dial. As the inner part of the dial is also slightly darker in color, it matches nicely with the Grade 2 titanium case. The subdial for the seconds is a bit of a rebel with its contrasting color, yet it ensures that the Slim d’Hermès Titane doesn’t become too serious. The same can be said of the orange details. Hermès used it with restrained, on the second’s hand, six o’clock marker, and underneath the stenciled twelve. This is enough to make the watch pop and give it a playful and contemporary twist. This is further amplified by also applying orange lacquer to the side of the alligator leather strap.

Back it up
The Hermès Slim d’Hermès Titane is pleasing not only to the eye from the front but also from the back. Here the French brand placed a large sapphire crystal in the case back, allowing you to admire Caliber H1950 that it is fitted with. This movement is made in collaboration with Vaucher, the Manufacture in which Hermès owns a stake. This automatic caliber is pleasantly slim with a height of only 2.6mm. Visually, Hermès opted for a slightly industrial finish, which suits the rest of the watch. As it features rather large bridges not much of the gear train is visible, but the micro-rotor compensates for that. To cover the substantial amount of metal, Hermès engraved it with a continuous series of its logo. This is reminiscent of what Cartier did in the 1990s with, for example, the movements in the Pasha de Cartier. Personally, I still find this very attractive. As the movement is thin, you are also willing to forgive that the power reserve is just 42-hours, which is not that generous these days.

All combined is the Hermès Slim d’Hermès Titane a watch that impresses. It has a sophisticated look with very pleasing details and can easily be worn on any occasion. Those details also give it a generous dash of character, but in such a way that it is never trendy. Therefore, also expect that this is not only a watch that combines the qualities of both a dress and a sports watch in one, but also transcends trends. Like a good, red wine, this Hermès will probably even get better as it ages.

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