‘Coûte Que Coûte Cartier’, my article about Cartier’s calibers for l’Officiel Hommes Magazine

Since years I am writing in English about watches for various media and even while I am born in the Netherlands, it still took me years to finally have an article published in a Dutch Magazine. So I am proud with my first article about Cartier, ‘Coûte Que Coûte Cartier’ that I wrote for the Dutch edition of l’Officiel Hommes.


The article is mainly about the reason why Cartier, around 2006 decided,  to produce their own calibers and the effect it has on the service and restoration of vintage Cartier time pieces.

64741What Cartier achieved during the last 8 years is amazing and it is only a matter of time before the whole collection of watches will be supplied with their own in house produced movements.

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