Cartier’s Santos ADLC And How It Survived, After Three Years Of Constant Use!

Cartier introduced in 2009 their first commercial watch with a black case. This watch, the Santos 100 Carbon was actually a worthy successor of the black bakelite Santos, that Cartier had made in 1923, but that could have been a piece unique. The new Santos 100 carbon was quite a sensation, when it was released and became in short time very popular. Cartier claimed that the ADLC coating was very strong and not comparable with, the PVD coatings used by other brands. A watch with a PVD coating is more sensitive to scratches and therefore needs to be treated with care. PVD is actually very scratch sensitive and it also comes off and needs to be treated with care.  Click to read @ RevoOnline how the ADLC coating survived after a couple of years intensive use.

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