Cartier’s LC Tank Goes Nightlife

The Louis Cartier Tank, although it was not Cartier’s first Tank model, has always been THÉ Tank, that brought Cartier fame and recognizion.
When people mention the Cartier Tank, this is the model where usually is referred too,
This is still THE Tank, despite the fact that it was a smaller watch, and could not even come close to the sales figures of the Must de Cartier Tank, which shape resembles it quite a bit.
And even now, in 2012, it is also available in a larger LC Tank XL case, this watch still remains as THE Tank! What would make the ultime Tank even more desirable, more sexy and more extra ordinary?
Fourty three diamonds! – Diamonds? – Yes sir diamonds! Brilliant-cut diamonds.

LC Tank XL

Forty two, set in two rows of 21, on both brancards of the case, which gives the case an even more Art Deco look than it already had and one in the crown of course, as Cartier always does with their diamond set watches.

LC Tank XL

A diamond is the one stone in the world that expresses luxury, success and independency. Wearing diamonds as a man, requires confidence, it’s exposing yourself a bit, it’s something one has to dare and is may be not for everybody. But when worn with the right outfit, you’re absolute the man of the eve.

LC Tank XL

LC Tank XL

It is hard to give guidelines for when to wearing a watch like this, since we are an International community and since diamonds have a different feel in the various parts of the world. While men in the Middle East region wear their diamond watches during the day,
it’s in Europe more common to wear a watch like this, after 5 PM, when going out for dinner, meeting friends and on special occasions and parties.
Asia, in that respect, is less strict with their timings, while in the US it varies a lot, if one lives in California or Texas, not speaking about New York.
You do have to find your own style in wearing an eye catching watch like this.

The Tank lends itself very well for adding diamonds to the case and in the collection,
there are other prime examples like the Tank Americaine and Tank Francaise with diamonds, while the new Tank Anglaise also looks superb with it’s diamond setting.
My preference is this LC Tank XL, since it’s so refined, so elegant and still só incredible masculine looking that I can only see this watch on a mens wrist.

Interesting enough I find the much larger Tank Anglaise Diamonds much more a watch for ladies to wear. In my opinion it’s not the size that makes a model more suitable for men, or more for ladies, it’s the overall styling of the piece that tailors it more to a man or a woman.

Fact is that diamonds for men are not a trend and are here to stay.
And to compliment any watch with diamonds, or as a first step in to the world of diamonds,
this perfect pair of white gold cufflinks set with diamonds, look great with a white shirt.

These cufflinks however will not be in the Boutiques earlier than December 2012!

I highlighted here the white gold LC Tank XL with diamonds, but this is just because white gold would be my choice, when it comes to a diamond set watch. I just love the combination of white gold with diamonds. But I can very well imagine that there are enough people who prefer the warmer colour of pink gold and pink gold and diamonds do give a completely different feel and look. It’s a personal decision and it depends also on the tone of your skin, which metal looks better.

LC Tank XL

Cartier has quite a large range of mens watches with diamonds, from the butch Calibre and stylish Rotonde to this very stylish LC Tank XL. And Cartier is certainly not the only brand, presenting watches set with diamonds for men.

Especially during the end of the year these watches are a great expression of the Holiday spirit, as long as the lucky owner, realises that a diamond set Cartier watch, is always appropriate, when he thinks it is.

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