Car Spotting & More; My Trip To Havana!

Aviator Alberto Santos Dumont made in 1906, a flight of about 220 meters with the first pilot- and first wristwatch. This watch was created in 1904 especially for him, by his friend Louis Cartier. So what better watch could I take, than my own Santos Dumont, to come with me on my trip of seven and a half thousand km. across the Ocean. It was Havana this time where I was heading for. A place that has been on top of my list since many years and I thought, I better plan my trip now, before the international fast food chains and fashion brand stores get a chance to open up here and spoil the beautiful facades, in this amazing, historical city.havana-carIf you have not been to Cuba yet, be prepared and take your time. Passport control and customs clearance took me over two hours at this fairly small airportold-havanaBesides Airbnb, Havana has a large range of hotels and more and more modern boutique hotels are opening up, in renovated historical buildings.

Click to read the article I wrote for QUILL & PAD about my trip and where I stayed in Havana.



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