Turning Nails Into Jewellery !

Turn a nail into jewellery, see beauty in its barest, clearest state and reveal the object just as it is.  A true nugget of raw, chic energy wrapped close around the wrist, for him or for her,  a sign of rebellious spirit and character vividly portrayed.

addon.phpExtra ordinary jewellery designer Aldo Cipullo, worked closely with Cartier New York, in a time Studio 54 was the hottest place to hang around, for creative and jet set New Yorkers.  As young as he was, as wild were his ideas.

Take for example the famous ‘Love’ bracelet with the screws and screwdriver to open it, it was a shocking piece of jewelry, when it was launched.  But the designer went even further in 1971, when he designed the the ‘Nail’ bracelet; a piece of gold bended and turned into the shape of a nail, to fit perfectly around the wrist.

That nail-bracelet is now being re-introduced by Cartier on April 12st.,
as part of the Juste un clou* – Just a nail-collection.  A rumour goes that a launch will be commemorated with an exhibition of Cipullo’s work at the Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion in New York City, through May 8, but it’s not confirmed yet.
As the ‘LOVE’ series, will the ‘Juste un clou’ collection be introduced, with quite a few options to choose from.

Pictured underneath is the thin version of the bracelet. The model comes in white-, yellow- and pink gold (and is available with diamonds too).  In my opinion the ultimate bracelet for men!

Juste Un Clou Bracelet White gold

The next one is the more fat version of the ‘Juste un clou’ design, but much bolder. I haven’t seen the real product yet but I can imagine that this width, would appeal more to women and it will also be available in white-, yellow- and pink gold and is available with diamonds too. Even the ring from 1971 is included in the collection and is also available with diamonds.

Juste un Clou bracelet

The ring looks very bold and makes quite a statement, it comes in white-, yellow-  and in pink gold and is available in one width.Very butch ring for men, if you ask me and may be even more suitable for a man’s hand than for a ladies hand, but I am not sure.

Juste un clou ring

Underneath is a photo of a vintage ‘Nail’ ring from 1972.  The more I look at it, the more I come to the conclusion, that the Nail design is probably one of the first pieces of jewelry, where I would not mind, that one can see the results of daily wear after a couple of years.  Light scratches will not do harm to the design; it’s just a nail after all.

Aldo Cipulli ring

Aldo Cipullo, renowned jewelry designer started his career in Italy, his home country, before he moved to the United States where he started to work for Tiffany.  In the late sixties, he continued his career with Cartier and designed for Cartier the ‘LOVE’  bracelet and the nail bracelet, that’s now called “Juste un clou”.

Pictured underneath is the original design of the ‘Nail’ bracelet, as it was designed for Cartier, at the time. As the pictures of the current product make clear, Cartier has improved the design slightly,  without doing any harm to Aldo Cipullo’s sensational creation, making it ready for another period in time, where it un doubtful will make history again!

Aldo Cipullo Necklace

It was 1969 when Aldo Cipullo created the famous ‘LOVE’ bracelet for Cartier.
The bracelet became incredibly popular and it is still a best seller at Cartier.
Now let’s see how his other design, the nail bracelet, that Cartier kept a sleep for quite some time, will be received by Cartier’s clientele.  On my wish list it is!

Aldo Cipullo passed away at the age of 42 years in 1984 at a hospital in New York.

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