Strap Shopping At 13 Rue de la Paix

In a previous article, we already wrote that a strap could make all the difference in how your Cartier watch looks like. This is an important aspect of enjoying your timepiece, as it allows you to change its appearance to match your ever developing taste, trends, or the way you wear your watch. It also plays an essential role in the wearing comfort that you experience, and that makes it that especially when you are wearing a Cartier, only the best will do. We visited the historic heart of ‘La Maison’ at 13 Rue de la Paix in Paris to see what Cartier has to offer as options for straps.

Selecting a new strap in the comfort of the salon that once was the office of Jeanne Toussaint

Choices galore
Supplying you with a new strap for an existing watch is a task that Cartier put in the skillful hands of their after-sales experts. It is up to them to guide you through the vast array of choices to a strap, that ensures you get the result that you are looking for. For some popular models, La Maison has straps in stock, but in most cases, they are made on-demand. While some might prefer to walk out of the boutique immediately with the strap of their choice, it is almost impossible for Cartier to keep a strap for every model, of current and past collections, in stock in every color. The more popular, or the more recent your watch is, the greater the chance of a large selection of stock straps.

Calf or alligator? The choice is yours

There are quite a few choices to make when sitting down to select the next strap for your Cartier. The focus of the collection is calf-skin, either smooth or with a pattern, ostrich, and of course, alligator. The last is offered with either a matte or a shiny finish. Alligator has especially in the last decades been hugely popular, but now Cartier is noticing that more people take an interest in calf-skin as material for their strap. This is not surprising as it goes very well with many of the classic designs of the brand, and it was also the material of choice when Louis Cartier himself was still running the business at 13 Rue de la Paix.

So many choices

An explosion of colors
While black and brown are available, it is surprising to see how many other colors Cartier is offering. From a cobalt blue to apple green, and from vivid orange to bright white. This really gives you the opportunity to get the perfect strap in precisely the right shade. As you get them from the brand that also made your watch, you don’t have to worry if it will fit. The result is guaranteed to be the perfect match. When possible, they are also equipped with a quick-release system, which allows you to change your straps without the need for tools.  

It is also nice to know that Cartier is offering straps you might not expect to find at the Boutique. For example, for some models, there is a so-called ‘Double Tour’ strap available. Hardly ever worn by men, but very popular among ladies does this strap go around the wrist one extra time, creating a very fashionable look.

Strap maintenance, Cartier style

To ensure that leather straps remain at their best, maintenance is also needed. Here Cartier offers a special cleaning kit, containing a soft cloth and a cleaning lotion with aloe vera. Applying this lotion occasionally will help to keep your Cartier strap look at its best and extend its life. 

When the strap needs to be replaced, or when you simply want to treat yourself on an extra strap to change the look of your Cartier, the excellent after-sales experts at the Cartier Boutiques around the world are ready to help you find the strap that brings your watch to the next level. Be it a bold alligator strap for your Rotonde de Cartier, or a more simple embossed calf strap for your Tank Louis Cartier. We’re sure that, the pending on the type of your watch, the most expensive strap, is not always the best solution.

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