Molequin and George Cramer Team Up To Made Ode To CPCP

A passion for watches often goes hand in hand with an eye for detail. These details can greatly influence our personal perception of a timepiece and explain why we prefer one over the other. For discerning collectors, it doesn’t stop there. They want to submerge themselves in the full experience and know the impact that a strap has on the overall perception of a watch, not to mention the wearing comfort. Molequin, the Belgian brand of watch straps and leather accessories, is known to meet the expectations of precisely that type of connoisseurs. They source the best skins for ethical sources, which they process in France and Belgium. As a result, they are able to deliver a quality that is on par with the luxury watches these items are matched up with.

In Molequin’s L’Atelier, the brand teams up with prominent figures in the watch industry, such as the Davidoff brothers and Christopher Beccan, to create limited edition leather goods that match their discerning taste. The latest is a collaboration with Troisanneaux’s own George Cramer. Known worldwide as a Cartier expert, George has also been a trailblazer when it comes to the ‘Collection Prive, Cartier Privee’. From when the collection was first launched until today, he has been a very vocal fan and collector of this iconic collection of Cartier.

This is also why he didn’t have to think very hard about what to create in collaboration with Molequin. George wanted to make the perfect travel case for any CPCP-Cartier. Inspired by the collection, he selected an Oval watch case from Molequin executed in the same tan-colored calfskin as has been popular on the CPCP-Cartier’s. When opening the case, a surprise awaits as the interior is lined with soft, red fabric as a nod to Cartier’s signature color. This allows you to transport your CPCP, or any other Cartier or watch for that matter, not only safely but also in style.

For an extra dash of that same style, Molequin allows you to place with your limited edition case a custom order for a strap in the same style. As the strap is made just for your watch, a perfect fit is ensured. This creates the perfect combination, with as an added value that you don’t pay the Made-to-Order surcharge.

For more information and purchase of this limited edition travel case, and matching strap, please click HERE

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