Match Point! How Cartier Accessories Can Take Your Watch To The Next Level

With the holiday season ahead of us I am sure you’re thinking already about presents for family or friends or maybe something for yourself to compliment your holiday- or business outfit. Cartier has always had an excellent collection of leather goods, lighters, pens, etc. but this time we will focus on the various belts and cufflinks, Cartier has. Now I hear you thinking, belts from Cartier, what’s so special about them, Hermes, Louis Vuitton or Gucci have belts too? – Sure that’s absolutely true and they have certainly very nice ones. But Cartier’s belts have something extra, you may like and since you already have a watch or two from La Maison, it is good to know that for many watch models, La Maison has cufflinks and belt-buckles to match the case of your watch. And in my opinion, no brand can do that better than Cartier, because many of the famous shapes of the French Maison, are rectangle or square. Accessories like that are often only a small investment and they’re great to tailor your style.

– Juste un Clou pin in pink gold –

Before we go on with the collection we have to warn you that accessories of Cartier, come and go. Some models are retired after a short while, while others remain available for years. So when you have found what you like, don’t wait too long. I remember the Tank Asymetrique buckle; it was gone before I could lay my hands on it. And the same happened to me with the black ceramic Panther head cufflinks. The palladium-plated silver ones are still in the collection, and not difficult to find.

The Tank Américaine buckle is probably the best-known buckle in the collection and it is for many years available. This design makes a perfect match, not only with the Tank Américaine but also with the Tank Cintrée and other Tank models. It is chic, slim and not too flashy.

– Tank Américaine belt, black cowhide, palladium finish buckle –

For the Santos, there is a great buckle, but I doubt if the model pictured here, will not be replaced soon, for the shape that’s matching the new Santos bezel, that came with the introduction of the 2019 Santos.

– Santos belt buckle and Santos Galbée from 2005 –

So when you have an older Santos watch, don’t wait too long, if you’re interested and keen to have the perfect match. There are Santos cufflinks in various styles and the one that looks like the crown of your watch, with the blue spinel, is popular. Also because it looks great with many other watches in steel or white gold, like the ‘Rotonde-‘ or the ‘Drive de Cartier’.

The ‘Justin Clou’ collection, designed in New York for Cartier by Aldo Cipullo in the ’70, is one of the larger jewelry Cartier collections for men and women. But if you are not a bracelet man and a wedding ring is the only piece of jewelry you wear, there are still a few items that make a great match with the bracelet of your partner. For instance, the collar pin (pictured above) available in pink- and in white gold, can be a nice touch on your jacket or tie and these ‘Juste un Clou’ cufflinks are one of my favorite cufflinks. Originally in yellow- and pink gold, now also available in white gold.

– Juste un Clou cufflinks, C-Belt buckle, and IGN-Joseph shirt –

Not on the website anymore is the Tortue- and the Tank Chinoise belts, but you may find old stock. Especially the Tortue buckle is very discreet and classy looking. It used to come in yellow gold- or in palladium finish. This is one of the more universal buckles, that can easily be matched with other watches as well. The Tank Chinoise buckle lived a very short life, probably due to the fact that there are so few Tank Chinoise watches among the collectors. A pity since the design is simply gorgeous.

– Tank Chinoise Belt buckle and Tank Chinoise watch, Santos cufflinks and IGN-Joseph shirt –

New since this month is the rhodium-plated Drive de Cartier buckle, that I have not seen in the flesh yet. Clean design that certainly matches the Drive de Cartier watch series very well. La Maison also released cufflinks following the design lines of the Drive de Cartier watches.

– Drive de Cartier belt buckle –

Furthermore, there are is also the non-watch related buckle, the C buckle, and the Elongated C buckle. These very classic and elegant shapes of the yellow gold finished buckles, also look great in combination with dress watches from other brands. Most belts come with reversible cowhide straps that can easily be removed with a simple click, to add your own favorite leather strap. Crocodile straps are available on order from the Boutiques.

– Elongated C cufflinks in palladium plated silver, IGN-Joseph dress shirt –

The Elongated C cufflinks in palladium-plated silver, are very universal and discrete looking and therefore ideal as daily wearers.

Great links that finally came back to the Collection of Cartier Cufflinks are the Studs & Bars from the 80′. These links are now re-named and called ‘Santos de Cartier‘. Very confusing since there are at least 6 other very different looking models, that are also called Santos. Anyhow these Studs & Bars links were for many years available in different styles. Now they are called ‘Santos de Cartier‘ for the gold version and ‘Santos Daily Mood‘ for the palladium-plated version.

– Studs & bars cufflinks from the ’80 –

These new links are made well and look absolute attractive, but unfortunately, the bars from the vintage series, do not fit the studs of this new series. I am puzzled why they are not interchangeable and I am even more puzzled why these links are called ‘Santos’. Just because of that screw motive?

– Trinity cufflinks in the three colors of gold, IGN-Joseph dress shirt –

The Trinity or Trois Anneaux cufflinks are one of the great classics of the Cartier cufflink collection. Easy links to wear and because of the three colors of gold, they are simple to pair with gold, steel or platinum watches. Chic and typical Cartier.

Cartier cufflinks start at around US$ 240.- a pair and the Tank de Cartier belt for instance, will set you back about US$ 390.-

– A selection of the 2019 collection of Cartier cufflinks –

Cartier belts and cufflinks are available from the Cartier Boutiques or online from the Cartier website. IGN-Joseph shirts can be found at the more exclusive men’s fashion stores around the world.

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