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Cartier’s Objects Of Desire

It was around 1997 when the book ‘Made by Cartier,’ by Franco Cologni and Ettore Mocchetti arrived at the better bookstores. And I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the few affordable Cartier books around that doesn’t rep about jewelry and watches. Of course, there is that huge and stunning over 500 pages thick book ‘The Cartier Collection: Precious Objects‘, but this book will set you back more than 400 Euro.

– The book “Made by Cartier” and some Objects from the 90′ –

Made by Cartier’ is a cool book that’s all about Cartier’s wonderful objects, from lighters to clocks and from pens to inkwells. To fill this 250-page book with just objects, could not have been a really difficult task to do, since ‘La Maison’ has made a tremendous range of beautiful products over the years. Cartier has been buying back many of these special objects for their own private collection, to be used for their International exhibitions, like the one of last year in Tokyo; ‘Crystallization of Time”.

— Cartier Objects 2020 Collection, ‘Entrelacés de Cartier’ Cashmere blanket –

Unfortunately, many really useful objects, like stationery and cards, for instance, were only available in the Flagship stores, and mainly at the 5th Avenue Store in New York City. But Cartier’s Chinaware “La Maison de Louis Cartier’, Limoges porcelain from 1986 however, was available at several Cartier stores around the world and this exclusive porcelain was even used in the Boutiques, for a long time, to serve coffee to clients. As with many Cartier products, not everything stays in the collection for years and this is exactly what keeps their products so exclusive. The collection of porcelain was retired more than 20 years ago, but it can still be found, and often in good condition, at auctions and even eBay.

— Cartier Objects 2020 Collection –

Cartier’s Objects always make wonderful presents, not only for friends and family but even for yourself. I remember well the many trips to New York, I used to make, for work, over the years and I always came back with a few red-colored boxes with those wonderful illustrated cards & envelopes, that were not available in Europe. 

Luckily, collections & key marketing ideas often change rigorous when a new CEO takes over and 2020 is reaping the benefits of such change.

– Cartier Objects 2020 Collection –

Just in time for Santa Claus, Christmas, and Hanukkah, Cartier launched this very nice selection of Objects, that will be available from the Boutiques around the world and of course online. And there is something for everyone, like a few pieces of Chinaware, games, key-rings, a luxury suitcase label, a blanket, cards, agenda’s and of course pens, lighters and more.

– Cartier Objects 2020 Collection –

So I would say, Cartier has plenty of great ideas this year to spoil your favorite friends and family with. Products will be available from mid-November from the Cartier Boutiques and online through the Cartier websites.

And if you still can’t decide or have something else in mind, there is always our large, more than 300 pages, fully illustrated coffee table book.

– “The Gentleman’s Files” –

The Gentleman’s Files‘ is entirely dedicated to Cartier men’s watches and it can only be ordered online, straight from the Publisher. Delivery takes about two weeks.

Happy holidays!

3 thoughts on “Cartier’s Objects Of Desire

  1. Franco Cologni is one of the best in the biz along with Dominique Flechon.

    I love the Cartier tea sets! One of the few watch brands that does proper lifestyle objects!

  2. It is unfortunate that Cartier stationary is so difficult to find. I’m always envious seeing Mr. Cramer when he post using his wonderful stationery.

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