Cartier’s New Cufflink Collection For This Autumn

Cartier is working hard on their collection of Cufflinks these days. Last year we saw some amazing new models, after a quiet period with just some new silver models. Not that I have anything against silver cufflinks, in fact I find them ideal for daily life, but what will be released this autumn, is superb!

In the eighties Cartier had those amazing yellow gold Panthere heads. These were re-released, look stunning and are now in the collection. More affordable were the smaller Cheetah or Panthere links, in silver  that look upwards, when they are inserted in the cuff. Cartier now went a step further and presents now  ‘Black Panther Heads’ in black ceramic and green enamel eyes. The other end of the link is a ball shape with jade. These links are produced in a limited edition and make an excellent match with the Santos Dumont in ADLC, or even the Santos 100 in ADLC.CufflinksPantherHeads

The only disadvantage of this great idea,  is the fact that the size and the shape of the links, are completely identical to the Cheetah head cufflinks, that were released in 2012. Such a strong idea to launch black cufflinks, deserves a different mold. But cool they are!

CheetahCompletely different and very dressy looking are the ‘Cufflinks godrons decor’. Made in sterling silver with palladium finish and Nephrite jade cabochons. This is a limited edition!


The cufflinks with Bear head decor will not last long in the collection either, since the bear motif is quite popular and these are also produced as a limited edition. They are made in sterling silver with palladium finish and black lacquer eyes and nose. The cabochons are made in onyx.


Gold cufflinks octagonal.  Stunning design in white gold, onyx and diamonds. This is a more serious pair of cufflinks and for some of us, maybe for more special occasions.


The yellow gold cufflinks with lady bird decor are quite unique. Produced in a limited edition for the connoisseur. The red lacquer in combination with the yellow gold and 6 diamonds, give a eye catching effect.



And the last pair, the gold sculpted links with turtle decor are very classy and discreet looking. The shield of the torte is sculpted calcedony, with diamonds set on the head, legs and shield. Very ‘evening wear’ links, that will steal the show at any occasion.

No pink gold cufflinks in the collection this year, but I guess nobody will complain with the current collection and what will come this autumn! Keep in mind that four of these models are limited editions, a fact that makes them quite desirable.

6 thoughts on “Cartier’s New Cufflink Collection For This Autumn

  1. Love the black panther head and bear cufflinks…they are done!! Thank, as usual, to your astute recommendations!!

  2. You’re absolute right, these black ceramic Panther head links are gorgeous. Bear in mind that they are limited, but I am sure that the Singapore Boutique will get them. GEO

  3. Another excellent report Geo! The new cuff links are a great addition to the current collection and all of them are very covetable. I can’t help but notice that most if not all of them are geared towards the Chinese market. Please allow me to explain.

    Take the ladybugs for example, red is believed to be a lucky color, and add 6 round (eternity) diamonds each (12 total), it would bring luck to the wearer/owner for 12 months of the year!

    Panthers are not only considered as a Cartier icon, they are also beautiful beasts, but it also symbolizes agility, grace, and power! The use of jade on the panthers is not only aesthetic, jade symbolizes beauty, nobility, perfection, constancy, power, and immortality in Chinese culture. Just imagine the combination it represents!

    The swimming turtle cufflinks also holds meaning. “For the Chinese, the tortoise is sacred and symbolizes longevity, power, and tenacity. It is said that the tortoise helped Pangu (also known as P’an Ku) create the world: the creator goddess Nuwa or Nugua cuts the legs off a sea turtle and uses them to prop up the sky after Gong Gong destroys the mountain that had supported the sky. The flat plastron and domed carapace of a turtle parallel the ancient Chinese idea of a flat earth and domed sky.For the Chinese as well as the Indians, the tortoise symbolizes the universe” (Wikipedia). The tortoise is also a symbol of longevity, with a potential lifespan of ten thousand years!

    The panda, well that’s quite obvious. 🙂

    I admire the way Cartier not only makes beautiful everyday objects, but they make beautiful precious objects that has cultural significance and hold auspicious meaning to the wearer. I don’t see these new offerings from la Maison will last long in the shelves.


    1. Welcome at the new Troisanneaux Mysterieux, good to seeing you here! Thanks very much for your
      very interesting explanation. Especially about the possible reason for the use of jade and the lucky colour red in combination with diamonds.
      You are probably right that the collection is geared towards the Chinese market.
      Asia is probably the most important market for Cartier at the moment. Personally I love the fact that Cartier is concentrating on Asia, since the collection will probably benefit from that. There is so much culture in Asia and the continent has always been a source of inspiration for Louis Cartier,
      even in the early years when the Tank Chinoise was created. Let’s see how long these links will remain available.

      1. Thanks Geo. Of course, my comment was merely just a speculation.

        Cartier has updated their own website and I have had the chance to navigate the new site recently. I like the videos, especially the client services section where they explain what they do step by step to your watch when you get it serviced at the shop. For a collector, that is really important. By the way, I LOVE your newly refurbished 2 row diamond Tank Americaine! I nearly fell off my chair seeing the before and after shots. It was very well done/executed. I have had a few watches undergo a complete overhaul at Cartier too and although it is true that you pay a premium for the service, you get and see what you pay for!

        I like what you’ve done to the new Troisanneaux site too Geo. such a great source of information for all things Cartier. Perhaps you would consider starting your own forum here on your site so Cartier fans like me could post? What do you think? I’m sure many of us would appreciate a dedicated Cartier forum on this wonderful site.

        Cheers and congratulations Geo!


  4. Cartier should design a plain oval double side link. – 14K preferably 18 ok but maybe too soft.
    Understated elegance. Jack Kennedy wore this style one pair had J.F.K monogrammed. The other pair plain
    Bud Rupert
    reston, VA

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