Cartier and the Panther heads for Men

Cartier and cufflinks. there have been years that the collection was really slow, but since a couple of years, the variety of cufflinks at the Boutiques is increasing and some really interesting models, in gold as well as in silver are introduced frequently. Amazing fact how ever is, that while the collection of Cartier watches exists of white- and pink metal watches only, the cufflink collection contains for 99% white- and yellow metal cufflinks.

King of the collection has always been the Panther head cufflinks that came in yellow- and in white gold. For some time these links were not available anymore, but they are now back in the collection. Pictured here are the almost identical vintage links.

Panther HeadsThese links were produced for a short period and are still very much sought after. Last year Cartier announced a new pair like that, but now in rhodium plated silver.

Cartier Cufflink boxSilver Panther HeadsCartier calls them ‘Cheetah’ heads and the model is part of the ‘Panther’ collection.

In december the links were finally released and distributed, but only to some Boutiques
and in very, little numbers At the moment they are very hard to find and probably sold out at the Boutiques, but I was informed that they will be available again later this year, together with a black pair of Cheetah head links, but again very limited and may be not at all Boutiques.

The Cheetah heads are very nicely made and completely closed. In fact they are made in massif silver, like many models in the collection these days and are palladium finished, so they do not tarnish.
The eyes are lacquered and the ball end is set with jade.

The link itself is curved differently from the ‘Panther head’ links, may be I should say, that the curve is in the opposite direction

Panther Head Cufflinksthat’s why (in contrary to the Panther version), the heads of the ‘Cheetah’ links are facing up,

Cartier cufflinkwhile the Panther heads are facing down.

Cartier Panther headThe overall size is smaller than it’s predecessor and one may find that,

Two Panther head cufflinksbecause of the smaller size, they are easier to wear, to any occasion,

they’re less bold, less eye catching and probably more discreet.
They do look best on a plain shirt, or soft cross check or stripe, since they are quite detailed.
The blue shirt in the picture is a bit busy.

I would say well done Cartier and thanks for bringing this very interesting concept back
in the catalogue!


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