‘Brilliant : Cartier in the 20th. Century’ – Denver, USA, Nov. 16th. – March 15th. 2015


Cartier’s new exposition, ‘Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century’ will be opened soon in Denver USA. Right after Shanghai where the ‘Time Art’ clock and watches Exposition just closed la few weeks ago, it is time for a new general exposition, … Continue reading

46 Cartier Pieces @ Antiquorum Auction, November 8th & 9th


The upcoming Antiquorum Auction in Geneva on November 8th and 9th is for Cartier collectors, one of the most sensational auctions since a long time. 46 Watches and clocks will be sold and from what we have seen, not just … Continue reading

Hands on with the Ballon Bleu Chronograph

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As reviewed in a previous article, the Ballon Bleu was a valuable addition to the Cartier collection, an even their heritage. Yet amongst the collection, and I’m not counting the highly complicated Ballon Bleu’s from the Fine Watchmaking Collection, the … Continue reading

Driver de Cartier


Modern society with the progress of industrialization has brought increased leisure time for the layman, which time has notably been invested into sports. Interestingly enough, that’s the very same industrialization which rendered possible for most men the transition from the … Continue reading

Personal Passion; Louis Cartier Tank


Some people presume that we at Troisanneaux are in the fortunate position that we own all the Cartier’s that feature in our articles. Regretfully I have to inform you that this is not the case. The vast majority of the … Continue reading

Cartier and Casual Diamonds….for Men


In most markets, even today, men feel often somewhat uncomfortable for selecting a watch that contains diamonds. Many like them, many want them, but more often then not they are afraid that it sends out the wrong signal. Even when … Continue reading

Ballon Bleu in Retrospect


Even when your name is Cartier that doesn’t automatically mean that every new watch model you introduce is going to be a stunning success. Actually, it might just be the opposite. Because you are Cartier, people have high expectations of … Continue reading

Asia Wake Up! – Cartier Time Art Landed In ‘Shanghai Power Station of Art’ – July 19th – Oct. 12th 2014


Cartier Time Art, the travelling exhibition of Cartier times pieces, is back and this time in Shanghai. The exhibition started on a smaller scale in Zurich, moved that same year to Singapore, where a huge collection was presented and now … Continue reading