Yellow or White Gold? The Perpetual Question


Yellow gold, the original color of this precious metal, has never lost its appeal to mankind. As being the original and natural color of pure gold it has captivated nearly every civilization throughout history. No wonder that it is therefor … Continue reading

Ballon Bleu Extra Flat – Deflating a Design Icon


Who would have thought in 2006, when the Ballon Bleu was introduced, that it would become a design icon so quickly? Of course we are talking here about Cartier, who has achieved eternal fame with the designs of the famed … Continue reading

Tortue Medium Diamonds – Real Men Only Please


There is a high probability that many men, even the avid Cartier enthusiasts amongst them, skip this post. The words “medium” and especially the word “diamonds” will serve as indicators that this watch is not for them anyway. An understandable … Continue reading