Cartier and Casual Diamonds….for Men


In most markets, even today, men feel often somewhat uncomfortable for selecting a watch that contains diamonds. Many like them, many want them, but more often then not they are afraid that it sends out the wrong signal. Even when … Continue reading

Ballon Bleu in Retrospect


Even when your name is Cartier that doesn’t automatically mean that every new watch model you introduce is going to be a stunning success. Actually, it might just be the opposite. Because you are Cartier, people have high expectations of … Continue reading

Asia Wake Up! – Cartier Time Art Landed In ‘Shanghai Power Station of Art’ – July 19th – Oct. 12th 2014


Cartier Time Art, the travelling exhibition of Cartier times pieces, is back and this time in Shanghai. The exhibition started on a smaller scale in Zurich, moved that same year to Singapore, where a huge collection was presented and now … Continue reading

Louis Cartier Tank Squelette – Opening up a Legend


This article comes with a serious disclaimer; despite having many favorites amongst Cartier’s past and present collections, I have a special soft spot for the Louis Cartier Tank. The purity and power of it’s rectangular design are for me the … Continue reading

Watch with a Roar – Rotonde Tiger Tourbillon Mysterieuse


Topping a watch like the Rotonde Tourbillon Myserieuse is almost a mission impossible that, should one choose to accept it, would be a daunting task to say the least. Yet Cartier themselves thought that there was room to take the … Continue reading

Still Wearing Your Daughters Bracelets? – Part Two


Part of the success of Cartier’s bracelets comes from the fact that they fit tightly around the wrist, which gives a masculine look. This means that they can not be removed by just slipping your hand out of the bracelet. All three … Continue reading

Hot Chocolate; A Different Kind of Dial

Hot Chocolate Banner

Hot chocolate; most of you will think, when hearing this, about a delicious beverage, while others might reminiscent on the British pop band formed by Errol Brown, and best known for their 1975 hit; You Sexy Thing. Both sexy and … Continue reading

Cartier Cougar Chronograph 150th Anniversary; A Rare Cat


Some watches are so rare, they shouldn’t even exist. That is most certainly the case for this Cartier Cougar Chronograph 150th Anniversary, since the Cougar was never officially part of the 150th Anniversary collection. Yet the watch in this photoshoot … Continue reading